Fishing Tournament
Creator: || First Published: 11/05/2020 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x30
Categories: Toy-Box
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(11/06/2020 05:46am | Edited: 11/18/2020 05:26am):
Welcome to the new Advance Wars by Web Fishing Tournament!


Fog of War: ON
COs: Javier for OS, Adder for the players.
Income: 1k per property.

Lab Units: Black Boats and Artilleries.
Banned Units: Everything except Lab Units, Infantry, Mechs, and APCs.


Get Infantry and Mechs across your board and into your ice box (white tile box at the top) for them to be counted as points.
Infantry are worth 1 point, and Mechs are worth 4. The game ends after the last country ends their turn
on Day 30. Orange Star will then count up all the fishes collected by each country, and will cap the
two country's HQs that have the lowest points, and then resign themself.

On first infantry to reach the ice box, you will get one COP to use as Adder (from your Cruiser being destroyed at the top).
First mech of yours to reach the ice box will also give you one COP (from your Neotank).

Orange Star is the game runner, and will only be there to manage the game.

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