Creator: virgilio || First Published: 02/01/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 7x5
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Rating: 4.38 in 37 ratings
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TAGatTARGET (02/12/2006 07:39am):
fishface (03/06/2006 03:18pm):
grit would kill any one here so would colin
jhuni (04/09/2006 12:45am):
blue moon clearly has the advantage.
technolink (04/16/2006 01:45pm):
Yea, they do, they get to that missle very very fast, move the infantry to the base, and
make that northern citiy neutral
jhuni (04/20/2006 12:30am):
Acaussly its just the fact that theres only one base and there only going to be making one
infantry on each of there turns so bms a whole turn ahead from the start. .
Calvacadeofcats (04/21/2006 09:39pm | Edited: 04/21/2006 09:40pm):
I am very amused that Blue Moon has FTA; more, MAJOR FTA.
nyoseki (04/24/2006 09:54am):
o.O; extreme FTA for BM
Shadow Star (06/02/2006 10:30pm):
uhh...FTA=First Turn Advantage
BM can't have FTA with OS on the map...you mean STA?
gortarin (07/08/2006 02:46am):
Make it fair and it would be good also if grit and colin were banned in games on this map.
Dark_Eagle177 (07/11/2006 11:47am):
Holy Crap. Imagine Rachels SCOP. OR STURM'S!! OMG

Yeah Grit would pwn too. I'd like to play on this one.
sirfuxalot (07/12/2006 07:46pm | Edited: 07/12/2006 07:46pm):
Von Bolts, bitch! No turn for you!

Seriously though, nowone will charge up.
AW_Jacob (07/17/2006 02:33pm):
This is gay. Take that infantry off.
srstarry (07/18/2006 03:07am):
actually its quite fair.

even if BM have a single infantry, theoratically OS have a full 4000G funds ahead.
sirfuxalot (07/31/2006 12:08pm):
It is pretty fair, but BM will probably be 1000 funds ahead of OS the whole game as far as
what units they can buy, which is huge on a map this small.
Falconewing (02/27/2009 07:24pm):
If this map was a little bigger, it would be perfectly playable.
Right now it isn't.
Clearly BM has the advantage.
FTA my but (07/29/2010 12:30pm):
All you people do is comment on FTA. -sigh- Who cares. Just rate the map for its look/fun.
Headphone (01/08/2012 06:10pm):
For looks/fun, this map looks like a 2 or a 3
Nyvelion (08/06/2012 04:24pm):
Map is too boring. Also, FTA.
the-deadly-shadow (07/27/2013 04:15am):
I think OS is certainly in advantage, what if OS makes one infantery first turn and an artilary
second turn. If they move the artillery to aim on BM base, BM is screwed.Yust choose a co with
powerfull attack for the artillery, like grit or grim

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