Love And Literature
Creator: OutlineY || First Published: 12/03/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x17
Categories: New, Global League
Rating: 6.67 in 3 ratings
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Gamma Emerald (02/15/2021 09:38pm):
I don’t like how easy it is to trap vehicles in the neutral bases.
Dredge (02/16/2021 06:46pm):
It's not that easy unless you over extend early, or you're already losing. Checking the replay of your game, you were just losing
hard. You can't blame the map for that.
Ilese (02/20/2021 02:46pm | Edited: 02/20/2021 02:47pm):
What do you mean Dredge, the 2 BaSes side are so weak on this map, enemy LOne base side can EaSiLy push aLL tHe WaY
through the (back) gate of your base! Smhmh, I thought 2 bases vs 1 base/airport should give the 2 bases side advantage!
*Disclaimer, this is totally sarcasm, take my 🐧

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