Coldest EU
Creator: Surto6 || First Published: 12/20/2020 || Players: 7 || Size: 36x36
Categories: None
Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
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Surto6 (12/20/2020 12:50pm):
It is during the Cold war, somewhere in Europe.. (again)
However, this time you do not know who is the commies and who isn't.
Better dead than red, so why not wipe out everyone to be safe?
rotpilz (12/20/2020 06:09pm | Edited: 12/20/2020 06:09pm):
hmmm yes today i will swim with my recons

Surto6 (12/21/2020 03:39am):
good hygiene is important!!
Gunfighter (03/02/2021 06:51pm):
Overall, Decent map. I would suggest more beaches in France & Spain so that England has
more flexibility in landing sites.
Surto6 (03/12/2021 02:33pm | Edited: 03/13/2021 05:40am):
Updated the map!
People say Sami is OP on here.

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