Realm of the Dead
Creator: tearless || First Published: 01/07/2021 || Players: 13 || Size: 31x36
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tearless (01/07/2021 08:42am):
Base on CO-Dani's map: Safest Place on Earth.
I tried to improve it for a much better chance that zombies could win.

Please must use the settings as list below:

Tags: Off
Weather: Clear
CO Powers: On
Fog: On
Funds Per Turn: 1000
Starting Funds: 0
Limits: All Off
CO Bans: CGH plus Sasha, Javier and Kindle
Unit Bans: Pipe Runner and Mega Tank
Lab Units: Everything else minus Infantry and Mech
Recommend White Nova(The zombies) that picks up Sensei
Surto6 (01/07/2021 06:46pm):
nice dice
tearless (06/12/2021 08:51pm | Edited: 06/14/2021 07:15pm):
Lab zone reworked.
Add ghost airports.
Several locations rebalanced for more early options (for humans, mostly.)
Did I missed something?

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