[Zombies] System Blower
Creator: schil227 || First Published: 02/10/2021 || Players: 5 || Size: 22x22
Categories: None
Rating: 4.67 in 3 ratings
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schil227 (02/10/2021 11:23pm | Edited: 02/11/2021 10:56am):
Inspired by "[Zombies]Safest Place on Earth" (https://awbw.amarriner.com/2030/prevmaps.php?maps_id=60797)

I wanted something a little tighter and with fewer people since big maps are notorious for drop-outs. I realize there are a lot
of "Zombie" maps, but I didn't find a design I particularly liked; hence this map.

= Set up =

4 ("Allies" - OS, BM, GE, YC) vs 1 ("Zombies" - BH)
CO Bans: Colin, Grit, Kanbei, Hachi, Hawk, Kindle, Olaf, and Drake
CO Restrictions: Only BH can be Sensei, and BH cannot pick any other CO
Powers: On
Fog: On
Units: All units are lab restricted except for Mech. No unit limit restriction.
Income: $1000/day

The goal is survival - not having play tested it yet, 30 days would be a reasonable day-limit, if so desired.

"Allies" start with 6 owned properties (2 bases), with access to 5 additional near-by cities (Inner wall total: 44 properties)
"Zombies" start with 23 owned properties (10 bases), with 18 additional near-by cities. (Outer wall total: 41 properties)


Happy fighting. Please leave a comment/rate if you desire.
schil227 (02/10/2021 11:24pm):
Also to whomever voted this a 2 immediately after I published it; thanks for not rating it a 1.
Surto6 (02/11/2021 05:04am | Edited: 02/11/2021 05:31am):
My (updated) zombie map also got a relatively mediocre rating immediately after publishing, so it's probably just someone
who has a stigma against zombie maps (and for your map, some more people who have a stigma against chokepoints).

Is the Z-player only supposed to build infantry and mechs? Then those properties on the outside are only really useful for
Sensei.. or for survivors who manage to break through the swarm.

It might be interesting to make all the pipes breakable. Too many broken pipes can be both good and bad for the zombie
player. And also place some starting zombies in the centre of the map!
schil227 (02/11/2021 11:06am):
Thanks for the feedback - I imagine people are sick of zombie maps, but bashing them just because they exist seems petty.

Chokepoint stigma I can understand - but in this case, that was intentional. Each ally has 2 bases, and good coordination
would make them liable for 3.5 gaps. Anything less than good coordination would mean losing the middle, and the allies would
have to defend their quadrants (5 gaps, 2 continuous) and lose an average of 3 properties. 2 bases defending 5 gaps with 8k
income is hard, and in my opinion wouldn't result in chokepoints, but an uphill battle for the allies.

Limiting Sensei's property makes it so he cannot immediately pump out mech units on all of his bases, and gives him some
sway in how to approach things (do I go slow and cap, or just rush inside and disrupt the allies?).

Zombies in the middle is tempting, but I don't want to give the Z-player too much of an advantage (especially having not play
tested it yet). We'll see after a round or two.
schil227 (03/29/2021 10:19am):
After playtesting, added a few more pipe seams. Z-player can get shut-out pretty hard; I think the more fun way to play is to
make it so the Zombie is more powerful than the allies, but introduce a turn limit to simulate 'survival', e.g. 20 days or so.

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