World Immigration
Creator: Monkey666 || First Published: 02/03/2006 || Players: 6 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 5.81 in 16 ratings
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Monkey666 (02/03/2006 04:39pm):
some things are out of place, i dont care...thats how i made it so yeah...
outcast6 (02/03/2006 04:54pm):
gave asia the boot?
Monkey666 (02/06/2006 08:20pm):
yeah well i would need a bigger map to make it how i really wanted it =(
Mr. Snack (02/06/2006 08:46pm | Edited: 02/06/2006 08:46pm):
You really didn't need to space out the HQ's considering they're blocked by pipes...

EDIT: And it would be a lot better if the units started off closer to the center.
Monkey666 (02/07/2006 12:19am):
well if you notice, the upper areas have more bases/cities and stuff in general. the
concept i guess is that you can take the risk of trying to go up and take one of the
bigger areas or go to the lower ones earlier and try to strike the people that went up
north before they can set up.
TheGeneral (02/09/2006 05:49pm):
That's a pretty good idea on your part. This is a pretty good map.
Riukken (06/29/2006 04:54am):
-3 Asia is missing
-1 Way too many plains and a seaport doesn't work.
+2 Terrain Variety
sirfuxalot (07/17/2006 09:00pm):
I wouldnt take away so many points because a continent is missing. Just think of it as an
AW map not a world map.
jhuni (07/17/2006 09:27pm):
Whats with the randomly placed missile silos? Place the units in the center and spread out
so they choose there own countrie then this map will be good...
oomouwmouw (07/17/2006 10:01pm):
I see t-copters running out of gas (trying to go up north), and everyone fighting for the
south two peices of land (australia and south america)...
sirfuxalot (07/17/2006 10:07pm):
tcopters dont run out that easy...
Monkey666 (08/11/2006 12:05pm):
about asia missing - i made the west side of the map first and then tried to fit
everything in, having asia in made it look too distorted and just didnt look right to me
and i didnt want to start all the way over.
about the seaport - it is like that on can basically only be used for landers
and blackboats.
about the plains - i was trying to get the general terrian of each area...deserts,
forests, mountain ranges and such.

thanks for all the comments!
Legava (01/17/2007 10:37pm):
Does Cuba have the missile silo on it due to the Cuban Missile Crisis or am I just
thinking of odd, random ideas?
Milka (12/21/2007 01:35pm):
The idea is good, but some things make the map not really good....
You should put the copters in the middle of the map, then players could spread in the map
as they want... Because for now, the one who wants to colonize USA is late compared to the
Put some forest in Europe, and in Africa too.
The mountains which separes Russia and Europe is missing too.
Too many reefs, and uselessness of Antartica : Put more cities, and put off the plain at
the top of antartica, it's kind of ugly =(
To finish, put off the sea in the HQ area, it's quite useless...
Hydralisk24 (12/21/2007 07:58pm):
Ew... This map is so fugly Lol.
zywxn (06/01/2008 04:46am):
Your random tiles in canada to simluate ice is good, but not good enough becuase its not
random, you forgot Asia, which is SERIOUS!!!
Australia is too close to Africa and india
england is distorted
greenland in the wrong place
my world map looks better

-3 for no asia and no China
-1 for mis-estimation of space
-2 for knowing a world map doesnt need to be as big as it can be (make the height smaller to
make it more realistic
-1 for the unknown terrain/land created as a result of your dead seaport
+1 for terrain attempt but your himalayas is screwed and as they said, no ural mountains
+1 for immigration style map
Kiroshima (07/25/2008 10:41am):
Last time I checked, Antartica is quite useless for humans, so there wouldn't be many cities
there. Leave it with low cities.

IMO, it is bad rating manners to rate someone for not including someplace you want, its his
map, he determines what goes on. You rate it for what it is, not what is missing.

That seaport is supposed to be Madagascar >_>, I think. I don't really think it would be a
proper island for warship construction, so I'm fine with it being used for Landers and Black

Issues for me is the everyone will try to take the closest factories, because if they try going
farther north, they will have a disadvantage of being late to the game. I think starting in the
middle is important because then everyone will "hopefully" go different directions, and
then "hopefully" get to a factory more or less evenly.
Balla (05/28/2009 08:35pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Balla (05/28/2009 08:35pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Balla (05/28/2009 08:36pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Balla (05/28/2009 08:36pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Balla (05/28/2009 08:36pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Balla (05/28/2009 08:36pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Balla (05/28/2009 08:36pm):
lol love the Cuban Missile Crisis
Nyvelion (01/08/2013 08:48am):
Ugh, another stupid immigration map.
Darkinho (08/03/2014 06:01pm):
hey , are we gonna play ??
CCCP (12/09/2016 08:26pm):
Seventh post?
Is that possible? Or are they trying to be funnier?

How to play map.?

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