Chase me if you can
Creator: virgilio || First Published: 02/03/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 11x11
Categories: None
Rating: 6.73 in 63 ratings
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Kiyobi (02/03/2006 07:10pm):
i like the simplicity, but those mountain-barricaded missile silos bother me.
Mr. Warhammer (02/04/2006 01:28pm):
good. silos is good defensed. 10.99/11.00
Warrior5 (02/15/2006 08:53pm):
Good no first turn advantage i like it
(02/16/2006 07:36pm):
The extra soldier isn't in a place to do anything useful though. It probably would have been
better if you had him placed on one of the factories, so that he could start capturing
something a turn before OS, which is the real counter to the FTA, not just having an extra
longbow (04/12/2006 10:11am):
u r all MAD mone mone mone thats all u lot do first turn this first turn that if any anthing blue
moon have a advantage if os make a tank bm can think i know lets make a neotank but u r a
so daft 2 c that so get rid of that grub on on that basis u get 1/10 from me un till u get rid of
that grub
jhuni (04/12/2006 08:20pm | Edited: 12/08/2006 12:51pm):
Edited out do to uneededness.
Maraj (04/22/2006 04:38pm):
He can launch a missle early...
AdvanceBurns37 (04/26/2006 07:47pm):
I dont get why longbow thinks FTA is not important. OS could start capturing early and
getting more funds for probably a turn than BM. I give it a 10
Nahbien (05/01/2006 07:25pm):
The map needs balanced a bit, BM is at a disadvantage and the infantry barely does
anything even remotely useful to counter it.
sirfuxalot (06/27/2006 12:45pm):
? really? The extra infantry lets BM fire that missle. Can totally screw OS. If theres fighting in the middle BM can
launch a missile and destroy OS's weakened units. Missiles are one of the only things that warrant FTA on a
balanced map.
gunner1138 (07/18/2006 01:08pm):
Yep, you're right, sirfuxalot, BM can get that missile off early IF you're not playing
with fog of war.
Dr. Disco (08/23/2006 03:51pm):
I don't know, though. I mean if you use the missile as soon as you can, it's kind of a waste
(of a good missile silo), almost, since orange star can just wait to use their's till later when
blue moon's got some precious tanks in the middle
jhuni (12/08/2006 12:50pm):
No peak 2 base 1 infantry income balance has been surpassed (just barely), so as nahbien
said BM is at a slight disadvantage.
lovetocomment (02/07/2009 09:18am):
4/10 SORRY

Falconewing (08/05/2009 07:33am):
Bad map
Nyvelion (08/06/2012 04:25pm):
Just a terrible, awful map.

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