Spanish Civil War 1936 (Guerra civil espaƱola)
Creator: Surto9 || First Published: 04/09/2021 || Players: 4 || Size: 50x50
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Surto9 (04/09/2021 12:48pm | Edited: 04/09/2021 12:48pm):
I declare this map ready for Initial Playtesting!
Comment your feedback and your experience playing as a certain side below.

[ Team A: Nationalists (RF) + Fascist Italy (JS) ]
[ Team B: Republicians (AB) + Soviet Union (BM) ]
Surto6 (04/09/2021 12:54pm | Edited: 04/11/2021 06:34am):
Two playtest matches. Timers 4-2-4. Bans: Stealths, B-Bombs, Megatank. FOG: ON
Both matches use special rules: "1. CO Powers are not allowed" - "2. D2D abilities are allowed."
Surto6 (04/12/2021 02:10am | Edited: 05/03/2021 01:54am):
Proposed Changes To-Do:
>Balaeric Islands: Give a pre-owned but ghosted port to JS.
>Give JS & BM more properties to 7000$ funds/turn. Progressive property gain?
>Give JS & BM 2 starter B-Boats instead of 1, to increase the speed and incentive of building up the Navy.
>Change position of Morrocco shoal so the trip to AB's port takes 3 turns, and the trip to the Southtip takes 1 turn.
>Remove a lot of forests so that reaching Southern Spain is a viable tactic for AB
>Add more roads to connect South Spain with AB's base and Madrid to South-West Spain
>(27.21) move city 1 tile north or 1 tile east?
>Give AB an APC so he can capture Madrid base earlier.
>Make the road from Madrid to the south-eastern AB base easier, so he can ferry the missile that way
>Replace Northern Pipe (next to RF Base) with River.
>Place a Shoal at Northern Spain, above pre-owned RF city.
>Give AB a better chance to defend the Northern base. (clear forest from the road to Madrid?)
>(17.16) forest? (17+18.21) road (23.19) road
>Do something about that ghosted airport.

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