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Two Fronts (Design Map by lazernerd)
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Rating: 8.67 in 24 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
lazernerd (02/05/2006 07:46pm):
Redone version of Stuffman's, Funkytown Crossfire. Teams are 2v2v2v2 corners or adjust
them how you like.
Last Edited on 08/03/2007 06:45pm
Dullahan (02/06/2006 06:00pm):
You switched the BH and GS HQs...
GuanXun (02/06/2006 06:01pm):
Um, why are the two groups at the top have backwards factories
lazernerd (02/06/2006 06:03pm):
I'll fix that. *smacks self*
Last Edited on 08/09/2007 12:14pm
Shadow Star (04/03/2006 08:02pm):
whats with the Pipe seams that lead to nowhere?
just curious, the map overall seems pretty fair though, so good marks to you.
lazernerd (05/09/2006 11:48am):
The pipe seams weer supposed to be for looks, but I removed them because they ruin
defense of the HQ's if piperunners are allowed.
Last Edited on 08/03/2007 06:46pm
Jin (05/23/2006 02:03pm):
Actually, the seams can be used to cut off piperunner access. I don't see much point in
the ports, since they're confined to those small bays, but the rest of the map is quite
good. I'm not sure about balance, though...
lazernerd (05/25/2006 03:55pm):
I'll fix the team balance when games are done.
Last Edited on 07/25/2006 02:58pm
lazernerd (06/20/2006 04:37pm):
I'm unpublishing this map for a while so I try try my hands at remaking it. We'll see how it
turns out. =) I have original saved so I can still use it again.
Last Edited on 08/09/2007 12:18pm
ykplaw (08/14/2006 11:44am):
i would stop adding

FMD2 (08/14/2006 11:56am):
When are we gonna play?
Perfectdark (10/30/2006 12:28pm):
U need 1 more person. Can't u play the game with 7, gay boy/Lesbian girl?
punyinfantry (10/31/2006 11:27pm):
good map. Mostly land and air battles. A little sea battle maybe. 10/10.
lazernerd (08/09/2007 12:17pm):
Yea... my older maps don't have alot of sea.
Last Edited on 02/08/2008 08:25pm
Veritech (10/11/2013 11:01am):
Carriers, FTW
Nice map.
lazernerd (10/23/2013 11:57am):
Balance Changes
1. Teams have been adjusted to ABCDDCBA.
2. The number of production facilities for each player has been lowered to 3 bases, 1 port,
and 1 airport.
Last Edited on 10/24/2013 10:30am

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