Dreamcatcher XL
Creator: Patashu || First Published: 02/07/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.27 in 56 ratings
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meow123_456 (02/08/2006 12:32am):
Are the swastikas purposed?
Patashu (02/08/2006 12:33am):
XOMG secret nazi AW map!

No, they aren't, and they're not even full-length swastikas.
x0_000 (02/08/2006 02:04pm):


If anyone builds fighters, the neighbors are screeeeeewed.
Nahbien (02/10/2006 10:04am):
Meow, I suggest you read this, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika , and educate
yourself that the nazi's were not the first to use them, and they have other meanings..
and besides, they aren't even those symbols completely.
Psychotic_55555 (03/21/2006 09:44pm):
i think Patashu alraedy established that
stop being arrogant
Freezie (03/28/2006 11:36pm):
I like that complex design of yours, heh, you have earned a good rating X3
GSGold (03/31/2006 08:42pm):
The sensei, THE SENSEI
PitLine810 (05/20/2006 07:41pm):
You honestly had the patience to do this???
Warlocksinsanity (06/03/2006 08:35pm):
Yeah the nazis stole the swastika and there is a difference between the religious swastika
and the nazi swastika one is sideways (nazi one) and the other isn't
Pyrranha (09/25/2006 03:01pm):
This map has a visually appealing forest design.
A nose (11/29/2006 06:38pm):
I am so distracted by the disign I can't find how good this would be to play. So a 7/10,
as it looks good and seems like it would be fun.
DuelStriker (07/20/2007 08:07am):
So nice... Must play... but has 23 current games... 9/10....
Altimir (10/10/2007 02:16pm):
they look like ninja stars. and ninjas are awesome so I give you 10/10 for that
Ozzythegnome (10/14/2007 11:50pm):
Looks like it would be fun. Ninjas are awesome. 10/10
Tyrael (10/21/2007 11:41pm):
I'm the only sensei in my 8-way FOW ffa. Taking bets on how fast I win it.
EchelonThree (12/16/2007 10:20pm):
Sensei's a problem?!?

what about kindle sitting on all the cities with arty?
RipperX (02/18/2008 01:29pm):
how the F%^& are u gonna get that much arty

Zinco (07/14/2008 06:53pm | Edited: 07/14/2008 06:54pm):
Nazi one was stealed from it's original religius purpose

I love the map, a very large combat(Y)
less 1 per FTA
Knallis (05/04/2010 02:44pm):
I like how everyone is ignoring that it is a dreamcatcher.
TI(GER)-86 (07/16/2010 03:12pm):
nice 10/10
jirapata (10/16/2010 07:42am):
jirapata (10/16/2010 07:42am):
epicphailguy (11/16/2010 11:19pm):
Perhaps the above person is making a commentary on the nature of swastikas? In any case,
if you like this map, there are similar versions here and here:
zaykho (06/17/2012 08:38am):
Dude this is a piece of Art !!!

ichbinsehselber (06/24/2017 12:41pm):
the map is quite nice. There are 2 items which I do not like though:
1.) 4 home bases clumped together with relatively low funds lead to infantry spam.
2.) contested bases
so, overall 8/10 from me.

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