Creator: ajitak || First Published: 02/16/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
Categories: None
Rating: 6.90 in 10 ratings
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meow123_456 (02/16/2006 09:28am):
Ban grit or you deserved to lose!
DrunkenSniper (02/16/2006 02:24pm):
That goes without saying... >.>

Actually, this would be awesome with a Max vs Max...
ajitak (02/16/2006 09:43pm | Edited: 02/16/2006 09:43pm):
yeah, Grit must be banned.

Jake vs Jave also seems good.
LuminescentSword (02/17/2006 05:52am):
Opponent can dive a sub and force a draw. Get rid of the ports, or expand the map a bit.
Chaos-Creator (02/25/2006 10:33am | Edited: 02/25/2006 10:33am):
Or you can just capture the HQ instead of dealing with the sub...
jhuni (04/08/2006 01:16am | Edited: 04/08/2006 01:16am):
More terrain variety plz
gunner1138 (04/28/2006 04:32am | Edited: 04/28/2006 04:34am):
Blue city in Red's base but no Red city in Blue's base?! Ridiculous!

Everybody hates Grit, but I love him! I think other people think that he's a little
Evil Lord Canas (04/28/2006 05:46am):
^ Little? Rofl.
As jhuni said, more terrain variety; better: remove these airports, they are overkill on little
maps and invite to spam fests with Sensei.
smiley (05/14/2006 08:08pm | Edited: 05/14/2006 08:08pm):
gunner1138, that's to give BM a slight monetary advantage to compensate for going second.

Interesting map. The ports are of limited utility (no one's going to build a Battleship when there are only 28
properties total, is making a lander to sneak units towards the enemy HQ useful?), but I can't imagine they hurt
the map. The seams are in very interesting places... I think this is the first map I've seen that suggests interesting
Piperunner duels. Good job!

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