Dust Basin [8p]
Creator: Paine || First Published: 02/19/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 20x20
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play
Rating: 6.27 in 15 ratings
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jhuni (05/24/2006 11:52pm):
This is quite cramped for 8 players.
slydog18 (06/16/2006 02:38pm):
Wow this is a great 8p map. The bigger ones always take too long and people tend to drop
but this one seems to be a very active game map.
sirfuxalot (06/16/2006 07:05pm):
i think it will be hard to spam but i just hate 8p maps in general because someone always
quits but doesnt resign and the game lasts much longer than it should.
Giantkrow (06/17/2006 07:39am):
So basically one player gets the first base. >_>
Ababy (07/16/2006 12:17am):
FTA problems
Nahbien (07/20/2006 05:47pm | Edited: 07/20/2006 05:47pm):
how does it have FTA problems? its 1+2+7+8 vs 3+4+5+6?
jhuni (09/04/2006 03:31pm | Edited: 09/04/2006 03:31pm):
He probaly edited the map...
pandayanni19820409 (06/05/2007 05:37pm):
why not band sturm?
The Shifting Shadows (10/07/2007 09:09pm):
For an old map this look pritty good.
Zinco (09/11/2008 10:37pm):
KOAL is borked!!!

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