8P - Immigration (Islands)
Creator: el_B || First Published: 02/23/2006 || Players: 8 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Casual Play, FFA Multiplay
Rating: 8.27 in 74 ratings
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el_B (02/23/2006 05:31pm | Edited: 02/23/2006 05:37pm):
Poor infantry men. After being caught by a random insane guy they find themselves lost on a
small island. Luckily, they all spottet a wonderful T-Copter on their island and so they
decided to settle the islands.

Well, anyway. Since my Immigration maps are pretty famous, I decided to create a new one,
this time featuring naval war as well.
For the people unfamiliar with Immigration...well, order your Infantry to enter the copter, take
the copter, choose a base, where you'd like to start, and fly to it. (And yes, the HQ's are

Some new/other things:
- Naval War
- The land mass is divided into several islands, of which all are able to be a small battlefield
on it's own
- The center of the map is actually playable
- Less mountain/forest terrain, because...uhm, well, it doesn't fit to an island-like style : P

I tried to make both, the edges and the center, valuable to control. If you don't think they're
worth it (or are way too beneficial), leave a comment.

Short descriptions:
- The Center: 4 Ports; starting there will be very hard, but it might be an option. Controlling the
center allows a pretty good control of the overall naval war (Unless it's naval war in the
edges, of course). 4 Islands with 2 cities each are sorroundig it, offering easy funds.

- The inner isles: Each of the four isles consists of 2 starting bases and one port. You can
reach them very early and pretty easy, so I suppose it'll be the most used starting point.
You'll find yourself in a small war with your neighbour more than often though.

- The surrounding isles: 12 small isles, partially connected with bridges, lead to 4 long
islands. They offer 2 ports and 3 starting bases. They are further away than the inner isles,
but imo still a considerable starting position.

- The outer isles: Located at the edges of the map, the outer isles probably won't be settled
in early game. They offer 2 "starting" bases, 1 port and a clump of 5 cities. They grant a nice
income in the second half of the game.

I just wanted to write to something about it, feel free to disagree with me.

Well, anyway, just like the original immigration, this map will guarantee you a very long match
on a big map. In my opinion, this should rarely be played without Fog of War, but you may
always do as you wish.

- Free For All, 2vs2vs2vs2, 4vs4 - They all work very well on this map (And if you're
Heidern, you may also consider 1vs7, lol).
- Fog of War - Imo definately, but it's up to you.
- Capture: I can really imagine this map as a capture-map, if you want a different game style.
I'm currentyl not wuite sure about the amount of properties to capture - feel free to make
- CO's: As a water-heavy and very big map, Drake shines, although you won't notice his
advantages until the middle of the game. Grit is able to be broken as he's on most maps. Well,
ban whoever you like.
- Funds: I think it's playable with 1k/round. With 1k, naval units won't be spammed that much
and sorta play a key role (imo). If you'd rather prefer a gorgeus naval war, go ahead and
raise the funds per turn. Starting with 20-30k funds might be fun as well, dunno.

Final words:
I hope you'll have a lot of fun playing on this map

zero212 (02/23/2006 05:45pm):
good map i can't see any flaws in it.....9/10
bomber army man (02/23/2006 05:57pm):
Man, I am just inspired by these maps. *sniffle* I try to make my maps as awesome as these!
10/10 HOWEVER......I LOOOOOOOVE planes and bombers, etc. so I kinda would like a
couple airports......but that's just me. It would be unfair to judge by my likes.....so 10/10
(02/23/2006 06:05pm):
Starting in the center gives HUGE FTA, and makes for some very unsatisfactory games
(especially in FoW, where you can't see where the other players went) when your lone
infantry gets killed by FTA.
el_B (02/24/2006 02:02am):
Then don't start in the center..? If you actually start in the center, you'll have to think about
the risk of losing your Infantry. It's not like the center is the best place to start anyway...
taopriest (03/09/2006 02:33pm):
wow that a big map for such a small starting group.
chives (04/25/2006 12:33pm):
So, no air except for the copter you start with. Better make a APC.
chtxdrgn (05/10/2006 01:14pm | Edited: 05/10/2006 01:14pm):
Nice map dude :D
if i could, id give it a 20/10

in other words, perfect
Ranger 1 (06/02/2006 08:43am):
Very fun map...
Kamek77 (09/12/2006 11:17pm):
This map is great fun to play on. 10/10 from me.
Ryuu (10/13/2006 05:53pm):
Hatchi and Sensei should also be added to this map's ban list. Being able to produce units at a pace at least two
times faster than your opponent ruins the game's pace.
jhuni (05/18/2007 03:43am):
I recommend that you you play this without FOW for balance reasons.
ColdFocus2 (08/20/2007 08:45am):
Adding to my favorites list!!!! (P.S. Make an immigration focused mainly on air warfare.)
sellout2154 (04/23/2008 03:23pm):
This is a very, very good map full of choices and variance between games. Quite possibly
my favorite series on AWBW.
lordliam (04/24/2008 11:43pm):
it's asymetrical=gives certain players a small advantage over others, but other than that, it's
flawless, 9/10
Roxas67 (09/17/2014 08:57pm):
Well, I think 8/10 will do.

I think, playing it out by fog of war will do good.
Some players may not go capturing properties, but instead go after other player's HQs.
Madd Maxx (10/07/2014 11:31am):
nice map 9.5/10 . 1 uncontested airport for each team would be cool. Add 2 airports for
10/10 :)
the-deadly-shadow (06/14/2015 03:51am):
This map explains why there is supposed to be little anti-matter: symmetry is broken.
DibsRazell (03/02/2019 10:38am):
Going to have to give this a 7/10. OS BM GE and YC have a huge advantage where they can contest RF AB GS and BD for
"The inner isles" very easily without any real drawbacks (barring a suicidal attack from the latter group). First group can reach
both bases on their respective inner isle, but the 2nd group can only reach one. So as the first group you just go for the only
one the 2nd group can reach and they'll have to go somewhere else (wasting a turn).

So in the case of BM vs AB, BM can either go West or North and reach a factory and start capping it in 2 turns (with the West
factory taking 3 whole turns by anyone else to start capping) while AB only has one factory (North) that they can reach in two
turns. So BM goes for the North factory (which they should always do from a strategical standpoint), and AB has to spend 3
turns before they can start their first cap (or attack BM to ruin both player's game as they'll both get really far behind)

I'm not sure if it's possible to tweak the map so that each player can only reach one of the bases on the inner isles, but that
would fix the only real early game problem I see with this map.

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