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AWBW Global League
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Welcome to the AWBW Global League, the official league of the site! League Information The league is meant to be a way for all players to find good games against players who are close to your skill level. The league uses the results of your league games to give you a rating and match you with similar players. It will take a few games for the league to properly evaluate your ability. All league games are Official, meaning that they will affect the Win/Loss record and rating shown in your profile. How to Play The Concurrent Games number is the maximum number of league games you want to play in at one time. When your Concurrent Games number is set to "0", you will not receive any new league games. To start playing league games, all you have to do is change your Concurrent Games number so that it is not equal to 0. The league will create games for you each night until the total number of league games you have equals your Concurrent Games number. You can find these games on the Your Games page. The league will choose a CO for you at random. To change your CO, go to the Your Games page and click on the CO picture. Then you can select your CO from the list of COs (banned COs are in black). You may also change your country by clicking the [Change Country] button. This won't affect whether you go first or second in the game. Click the [Ready] button when you are ready for the game to begin. The game will start automatically after 4 days, or once you and your opponent have both clicked the [Ready] button. All new league games that you have not clicked the [Ready] button for will show up on the Your Turn Games page.

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