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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
563 Fixed a bug where information about buildings could be unintentionally leaked in fog of war games. Thanks to VIH for the report. 2024-05-22
562 Implemented a preliminary fix for a bug where predeployed units could be added twice at the start of the game. 2024-05-16
561 Fixed a visual bug where Jake and Jess piperunners appeared unaffected by S/COP movement and range boosts. 2024-05-16
560 Fixed a bug where the map image overflowed its container for large maps or high zoom levels. 2024-05-15
559 Azure Asteroid has been officially added to the site as the 17th nation on AWBW! Congratulations to bukie on winning the first custom army contest, and thanks to him and Red-Halo for designing and creating all of the artwork! 2024-04-28
558 Fixed a bug where a Live League game ended via administrative draw could appear as a loss for the player who resigned. Thanks to Truniht for the report. 2024-04-16
557 Fixed a bug where the 'Capture' option didn't appear properly when moving onto an eliminated teammate's properties. Thanks to Deejus for the report. 2024-04-16
556 When editing a design map, users can select a default theme for the map. When players have their view setting set to 'Default', it will automatically display the map using the map creator's selected theme. The map editor has also had improvements made for mobile devices, and several minor bug fixes applied. 2024-04-15
555 Map images are now rendered entirely on the client instead of using a cached image from the server. Mini mountains have been added (aesthetic only), and several countries have had their building colors slightly modified. 2024-04-15
554 Two new terrain themes have been added: Desert and Days of Ruin! Note that buildings will still use the selected 'AWBW Theme' (AW1 / AW2 / Animated). You can change the theme on your Settings page, on the map preview page, or from the View menu on the game page. You may need to hard-refresh (ctrl-F5) to see all images correctly.

Huge thanks to bukie for providing all of the sprite work for both terrain themes!
553 Fixed a bug where joined infantry were mistakenly flagged as capturing for Rachel's SCOP missile calculation, and another where carried units weren't excluded properly in the move planner for Rachel SCOP missile calculation. Thanks to Po1and for the report. 2024-04-07
552 The second AWBW Custom Army Contest is open for submissions! For more information, please click here or visit the #custom-army-contest channel in the AWBW Discord server. 2024-04-02
551 Updated the Z-Games algorithm to generate more High Funds + Fog games. 2024-03-28
550 Updated the order of units in the damage calculator to be more logical, and fixed a bug where the damage calculator funds box could be sized incorrectly. Thanks to Talose and KingRex for the reports. 2024-03-28
549 Fixed a bug in Live League games where a game could be mistakenly ended in a draw due to regular AET. Thanks to DaysOfPlague for the report. 2024-03-06
548 Improvements to the in-game timer have been made to better sync players with the server time. This is intended to fix issues with AETs not displaying properly. 2024-03-05
547 Updated back-end validation of several in-game actions such as moving and capturing. 2024-03-01
546 Fixed a bug where Live League games ending via day limit were mistakenly not updating ratings. Thanks to Rhizomatic for the report. 2024-03-01
545 Added a temporary bandaid to Live League games for cases where AET causes the next player's turn to be skipped. Games where this occurs will now be automatically ended in a draw when the game ends. 2024-02-28
544 Fixed a bug in Live League matchmaking where players could get paired in a mode where their ratings were not in range of each other. Thanks to DaysOfPlague for the report. 2024-02-28
543 Fixed a bug where an in-progress map could not be recovered if the 'Save' function errored on the design map editor. Thanks to Rize for the report. 2024-02-21
542 The Join Game page will now properly show CO tiers for tag and High Funds + Fog games. 2024-02-17
541 Fixed a bug where movement through long chains of teleport tiles would occasionally not work. Thanks to Xirema for the report. 2024-02-15
540 Fixed a bug where attacks on pipe seams were not properly stored in replays. 2024-02-13
539 Updated the images on the Live League page with 'Live League' variants (in addition to existing 'Live Queue' versions). Thanks to KingRex for providing the images! 2024-02-13
538 High Funds + Fog games are now a supported option for public Z-Games. A preliminary High Funds + Fog tier list can be found on the CO tiers page, as well. 2024-02-08
537 Updated two links in the FAQ for FTA and map categories that previously pointed to the forum. Thanks to Bum for the report. 2024-02-01
536 Fixed the broken page selector at the bottom of the Categories page when viewing a specific category. Thanks to Dredge for the report. 2024-01-28
535 An issue with joining the Live League queue on iPhones or iPads has been fixed. 2024-01-26
534 The Live Queue now has a ranked mode, called the Live League! To play rated matches, go to the Competitions menu, select 'Live League', and make sure to leave the 'Unrated Match' option unchecked. Matches for Live League will track your rating and store your win-loss record. For more information, visit the Info page! 2024-01-21
533 Usernames can no longer be created using unprintable characters. 2024-01-11
532 Fixed a bug where joining units while capturing appeared to reset the building's capture points. Also fixed a bug where joining units did not update the player's unit value properly. 2024-01-04
531 Fixed a bug where the game over screen was not properly displayed when:
- The capture limit was reached by capturing a neutral property.
- A player was routed by deleting their last unit.
- A player was eliminated by capture in fog in a 3+ player game.
530 The first AWBW Custom Army Contest is open for submissions! For more information, please click here or visit the #custom-army-contest channel in the AWBW Discord server. 2024-01-01
529 Fixed a bug where Sonja's units' HP was mistakenly visible after units were joined or mass damage CO powers were used. 2023-12-29
528 Players will now be notified in-game when a new press message is received, without needing to refresh the page. 2023-12-29
527 Fixed a bug causing errors when spectating a match involving Sonja. In particular, errors should no longer display for spectators when Sonja moves units. 2023-12-09
526 The image for the ammo button on the damage calculator has been updated. Thanks to KingRex and The_Herbivorious for providing the image! 2023-12-06
525 Fixed a bug where destroying a unit on a pipe seam would change the seam HP to 20. 2023-12-05
524 Fixed a bug where users could be trapped by a unit that should have been visible. This will now prompt the user to refresh the page instead of trapping the unit. 2023-12-05
523 The replay viewer has been improved so that quickly clicking the forward or backward action button results in fewer errors. 2023-12-05
522 Left and right arrow keys can now be used on the replay page to play the next or previous action. 2023-12-02
521 The upload map function has been improved to prevent invalid tiles from being placed. 2023-11-28
520 The in-game damage calculator has been updated with a toggle for unit ammo, so that damage calculations with secondary weapons can be performed. 2023-11-28
519 Fixed a bug where the Export As Text function didn't work with resized maps. 2023-11-27
518 The timer for live games has been updated to better sync between players after AETs. This should fix a bug where multiple end turn events were repeatedly displayed, eventually leading to 503 errors. 2023-11-26
517 New options have been added to Live Queue for matchmaking. An information page has also been added to provide more details on the new options. 2023-11-19
516 Profile medals have been added for the winners of tournament divisions 2+. Thanks to Jay Embee for the medal designs! 2023-11-14
515 Map Committee members now have the ability to adjust Live Queue CO tiers and unit bans on a per map basis. 2023-11-14
514 The old game interface has been disabled. The new 'refreshless' interface can now be found on game.php instead of 2030.php. NOTE: User-made extensions may break as a result of this update! 2023-11-02
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