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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
204 Removed an antiquated map preview page, and fixed a broken redirect when commenting on maps. Thanks to Xmo5 for the report. 2018-12-06
203 Added descriptive information for each country on the Countries chart. Thanks to Jay Embee, Schreck, and Matsuzen for their contributions. 2018-12-02
202 Updated the current game image on the front page to reflect PL's makeover. Thanks to Schreck for providing the image. 2018-11-20
201 Updated log entries for movement so a stopped unit is displayed correctly on replay. Thanks to Matsuzen and Sami-YXL for the report. 2018-10-27
200 Purple Lightning's infantry and HQ design have been updated to reflect a France theme. In addition, all PL units have a working animated theme. Thanks to Jay Embee for the updates! 2018-10-23
199 Added an option to Auto Scroll to the View options for the game page. If enabled, this will automatically scroll the window to the current position on page reload. Note: this does not work on mobile devices. Credit to Matsuzen again for the code. 2018-10-07
198 Added a coordinate display and selector icon to the game page. Thanks to Matsuzen for supplying the code. 2018-10-05
197 Updated the automated tournament backend to enable games with Tag COs enabled. Also fixed a display bug for tag COs in the Your Waiting Games section. 2018-10-02
196 Added animated sprites for all AWDS units, as well as slightly retouched sprites for many other units. Thanks to Jay Embee for providing the images. 2018-09-30
195 Updated the Replay feature to show unit actions on the map when hovering over or clicking the corresponding rows of the log. Credit to Matsuzen for the idea and code. 2018-09-30
194 Acid Rain now has a set of fully animated units. Thanks again to Jay Embee for providing the sprites. 2018-09-13
193 Added the option to download game replays (located on the replay page for completed games). There is also now an option to upload replays for games you have downloaded. This will allow an easy way for users to save and replay games, even after they've been removed from the site. 2018-09-12
192 Fixed a bug where the map size was recorded incorrectly when uploading. Thanks to Sami-YingXiangLi for the report. 2018-09-10
191 Also fixed a bug where a transport with two units could not join with a transport with no units. 2018-09-10
190 Fixed a bug where loaded units could be deleted when joining transports. Thanks to Tmi489 for the report. 2018-09-10
189 Added warnings when starting a game without teams assigned to all players. It is also no longer possible to start games with all players on the same team. Thanks to andy_kuma and Mary Guertana for the suggestion. 2018-09-09
188 Added a new set of sprites for AW1 labs, matching the AW1 theme aesthetic better. Thanks to Jay Embee for providing the images. 2018-09-09
187 Fixed a bug where dropping a unit in fog after using Set Path could result in the dropped unit being stopped by a hidden unit. Thanks to godhammel for the report. 2018-09-08
186 Fixed a bug where the map First Published Date was being overwritten when publishing maps. Thanks to Sami-YingXiangLi for the report. 2018-09-08
185 Corrected the AW1 and AW2 waiting missile sprite for Red Fire (was facing the wrong way). Thanks to Eagle852 for the report. 2018-09-08
184 Added last activity date to Search Users page. 2018-09-08
183 Fixed a bug where joining games still required a password after being made public. Thanks to Linx for the report. 2018-09-08
182 Added a Tournament Profile page, accessible in the menu on the User Profile page. 2018-09-05
181 Added a link for the Finals to the tournament bracket lists. 2018-09-03
180 Added an option to toggle whether a game is Public or Private. Note that this only works if the game was originally created as Private (i.e., it requires a password to be set). Thanks to Mary Guertana for the suggestion. 2018-09-02
179 Fixed out-of-order APC resupply and end turn messages in the game log. 2018-09-02
178 Added a message to the game log for attacking pipe seams. Thanks to andy_kuma for the suggestion. 2018-09-02
177 Added a drop-down icon to the CO portrait for waiting COs, to help indicate that you can click your CO portrait to change your CO. Thanks to ActivistVictor and Xmo5 for the suggestion. 2018-09-01
176 Updated Z-Games script to disable unit limit for maps with a large number of predeployed units. Thanks to Meta Rexy for the report. 2018-09-01
175 Fixed a bug where the primary CO was shown as selected when choosing a tag CO. Thanks to andy_kuma for the report. 2018-09-01
174 Fixed a bug where the team name was incorrectly stated in log entries declaring the winner. Thanks to andy_kuma for the report. 2018-09-01
173 Updated COP and SCOP buttons with mouseover text describing the CO power effects. Thanks to Cloudmonkey98 for the suggestion. 2018-09-01
172 Fixed a bug where setting draw reset the boot timer (even during your opponent's turn). Thanks to Xmo5 for the report. 2018-09-01
171 Added a selection option for Your Favorited Maps to the Create Game front page. Thanks to Jackie Milton for the suggestion. 2018-09-01
170 Added a beginner's guide and FAQ to the Menu. Credit to Jay Embee for the guide content. 2018-08-31
169 White Nova now has a set of fully animated units (including all AWDS units). Big thanks to Jay Embee for providing the sprites. 2018-08-31
168 Fixed a bug where the wrong CO was shown on the CO selection window. Thanks to x123456789 for the report. 2018-08-27
167 Updated all Follow buttons so that they no longer reload the page when clicked. Thanks to Matsuzen for supplying the code. 2018-08-27
166 Updated the links on the User Profile page, as well as slightly cleaned up the player information block. 2018-08-25
165 Completely overhauled the info boxes used for game lists, in order to make them more aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful. 2018-08-25
164 Added functionality for following games. You can use the Your Following page to track updates to all games you are following. A list of the Most Popular games is also available. 2018-08-25
163 Added functionality for adding users to your Friends list. 2018-08-25
162 Updated CO chart with icons for CO powers instead of text. Thanks to Jay Embee for the suggestion. 2018-08-23
161 Fixed a bug where banned units were also mistakenly set as lab units in some cases when creating games. Thanks to steve for the report. 2018-08-19
160 Fixed a bug where creating games with Funds Per Turn = 0 did not work. Thanks to andy_kuma for the report. 2018-08-19
159 Fixed a bug where broken pipe seams were not displayed correctly in the unit info box. Thanks to andy_kuma for the report. 2018-08-19
158 Fixed the min and max map size options on the Search Maps page. Thanks to Xmo5 and headphone for the reports. 2018-08-02
157 Added a unit limit option. The default is 50 (applies to all future League, tournament, and Z-Games), and it can be turned off. After hitting the limit, no further units can be built (or created with Sensei S/COP). 2018-08-01
156 Added help icons to the Create Game page, replacing the help section. Thanks again to Matsuzen for the code. 2018-07-31
155 Added help icons to several fields on the User Info page. Thanks to Matsuzen for the code. 2018-07-31
154 Updated interface for viewing tournaments slightly. Biggest difference is the ability to view tournament maps and CO bans prior to the start of the tournament. 2018-07-28
153 Fixed a bug where moving a pre-deployed infantry off a pipe seam reduced the seam HP to 20. It's also no longer possible for infantry to capture pipe seams. Thanks to andy_kuma for the report. 2018-07-27
152 Fixed a bug where joining units built by Hachi, Colin, or Kanbei resulted in incorrect funding being given. Thanks to andy_kuma for the report. 2018-07-27
151 Added client-side input validations to the register page. Thanks to Matsuzen for supplying the code. 2018-07-27
150 Notify user if no recipients are selected when sending an in-game message. Thanks to ichbinsehselber for the suggestion. 2018-07-21
149 Fixed a bug where it was possible to overwrite a map with active games on it. Thanks to friendlyold for the report. 2018-07-18
148 Fixed a bug where replays for games with Sonja were visible when Sonja was tagged out. Thanks to Raspberry for the report. 2018-07-17
147 Fixed a bug where loading transports was not possible using Set Path. Thanks to Muvio for the report. 2018-07-17
146 Fixed a bug with saving settings and updating teams on the new Create Game page. Thanks to ichbinsehselber and Xmo5 for the reports. 2018-07-17
145 The Create Game page has been completely reworked. Improvements include:
- Pre-made user settings can now be easily loaded, allowing map creators to set preferred or recommended settings. This also allows users to create standard settings that can be used for any map.
- CO's are now grouped by tier according to the game setting, and bans can be automatically set.
144 Updated the options on the Waiting section of the Your Games page. Notable improvements include:
- Added a Change Position button, which allows you to change your starting position on the map.
- The country logo is now clickable, and allows you to change the aesthetic appearance of your army.
- Invite Players is now an option for Z-Games.
- It's no longer possible to delete your games once they've started.
143 Fixed an issue where boot did not reset after ending vacation for games with no AET limit set. Thanks to Jay Embee for the report. 2018-07-07
142 Fixed a sanitization issue when joining games. Thanks to friendlyold for the report. 2018-07-07
141 Updated League profile pages to always show overall rating. Added a game type to the game name for League games. Thanks to ichbinsehselber and FANG for the suggestions. 2018-07-07
140 Fog of War and High Funds settings have been added to the Global League. 2018-07-05
139 CO power cost now increases properly by +1800/star per use instead of by +20% per use. 2018-06-30
138 Fixed an issue with counterattack funds displayed on the Damage Calculator page. Thanks to Sami-YingXiangLi and Rush_FTK for the report. 2018-06-29
137 Fixed a bug where Hachi could build from cities on COP. It is now correctly restricted to SCOP only. Thanks to friendlyold for the report. 2018-06-28
136 Fixed a bug where AET was causing boot after any two times in a game instead of two consecutive times. Thanks to Snack for the report. 2018-06-25
135 Added a selector to Current and Completed Games lists for All, Standard, Fog, and High Funds game types. 2018-06-24
134 Fixed an issue where saving preferences did not save Lab or Banned Units properly. 2018-06-16
133 Fixed a bug where player CO image was not displayed properly when joining games with CO Powers off. Thanks to SA3DX for the report. 2018-06-14
132 Player's official ratings can no longer drop below 700. For players currently at <700, your rating will be automatically corrected up after the next win or loss (but not draw). 2018-06-11
131 Added a new page for Global League settings, showing the CO ban lists for each map. This is now linked on the Global League page as well. 2018-06-11
130 Fixed a bug where player stats did not become visible for completed fog of war games. 2018-06-10
129 Default calculator to shoals instead of roads if no terrain is picked, eliminating CO influence from values. Thanks to the-deadly-shadow for the suggestion. 2018-06-09
128 Acid Rain and White Nova, the 15th and 16th countries, have been added to AWBW.
Credit to Jay Embee for much of the design and sprite work.
127 Boot and AET script have been updated to run HOURLY instead of daily. The game header has been updated to reflect the actual script run time. After ending vacation, AET is set to a minimum of 2 days. 2018-06-08
126 Fixed a bug with the vacation function. Vacation can now not be set until 3 weeks after it was last initiated. 2018-06-08
125 Movement costs for forests in snow have been fixed. Cost for tread units is now 2 (was 3), cost for wheeled units is now 3 (was 4). 2018-06-04
124 Tags can no longer be turned on for games where CO powers are turned off. 2018-06-04
123 Game.php has been completely overhauled. Click here for details. 2018-06-03
122 Maps with <2 players can no longer be published, uploaded, or played on. 2018-05-27
121 The Users link in the menu now displays the online players, in addition to being able to search usernames. Thanks to the-deadly-shadow for the suggestion. 2018-05-14
120 Users will now be banned from tournaments on their 3rd offense for being booted from tournament games, instead of their first. 2018-04-29
119 A patch has been made to help improve site stability and prevent server outages. 2018-04-24
118 Teal Galaxy now has a space marine theme. The logo, HQ, and infantry design have been overhauled.
Big thanks to Jay Embee for the design and sprites!
117 Fixed a bug where game end was not properly recognized when screenshotting replays. Also fixed a bug where replay screenshot was unavailable in some cases. 2018-03-31
116 Removed obsolete link from Your Maps page, and increased Number of Players option from 8 to 14. 2018-03-25
115 Updated animated sprites for several Cobalt Ice units. Thanks once again to Nuke for the images! 2018-03-24
114 Fixed an error preventing users from deleting games in certain circumstances. Thanks to piemafia for the report. 2018-03-17
113 Fixed the Change Teams function on the Your Games page. Team games are now available again. 2018-03-14
112 Email notifications have been turned back on. 2018-03-11
111 Temporarily turned off email notifications to help with recent 504 errors. 2018-03-07
110 Updated the damage calculator to display min and max luck damage, instead of no luck and a random value. Thanks to Snack for the suggestion. 2018-03-04
109 Updated animated sprites for Grey Sky's infantry and mech and fixed minor visual issues on several other GS units. Thanks again to Nuke for the images! 2018-03-02
108 Added animated sprites for Pink Cosmos' infantry and mech, and fixed minor visual issues on several other PC units. Thanks again to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-25
107 Updated the animated sprites for Amber Blaze's infantry and mech. Thanks to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-24
106 Updated the animated sprites for Brown Desert's infantry, mech, and black boat. Thanks to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-21
105 Updated the animated sprites for Jade Sun infantry and mech. Thanks again to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-20
104 Added a link to Wars Wiki to the main menu. 2018-02-18
103 Updated the animated sprites for Red Fire infantry and mech. Thanks to Nuke for the images! You may need to clear your cache to properly view all new images. 2018-02-18
102 Added a full set of animated Teal Galaxy unit sprites. Big thanks to Nuke for providing the sprites! 2018-02-09
101 Email turn notifications will now use an 'amarriner.com' email address. 2018-02-07
100 All unit sprites for Teal Galaxy have been flipped to face left. This helps to visually distinguish Teal Galaxy from Green Earth. You may need to clear your cache to properly view all new images.
Thanks to Nuke for providing the sprites!
99 A new option has been added to User Info, "Shoals Display". This option allows you to toggle between the standard shoal sprites, and a completely new and improved set. The goal of the new shoals is to eliminate many aesthetics issues caused with the current shoals. Any feedback is appreciated!
Big thanks to Morgan Leah for providing the overhauled shoal images.
98 Added a Weather selector to the map preview pages. You can now view the map as Clear, Rain, or Snow. 2018-02-03
97 Fixed a bug in game replays where the AW1 theme was used even when the user selected AW2 or Animated theme. 2018-02-03
96 Fixed a bug where using the Set Path function in Fog of War allowed units to occasionally move through enemy units. Thanks to Yau and ichbinsehselber for testing that helped pinpoint the bug. 2018-01-23
95 Added a tile for sea fully surrounded by land. Thanks to Loyal for providing the images. 2018-01-20
94 Current games are now also viewable for unpublished maps, via the [Games on this map] link. 2018-01-20
93 A correct error message will now display when trying to view a deleted map. Additionally, deleted maps will now also be uncategorized. 2018-01-20
92 Fixed two more screenshot bugs:
- Hidden enemy stealths adjacent to your units will properly display
- Vertical position for HP, ammo/fuel, hidden/capture/load icons are now properly offset.
91 Added a link to the Most Recent Design Maps page on the main menu. 2018-01-19
90 Fixed several small FoW screenshot bugs:
- Teammates' hidden units are now properly visible.
- Teammates' transports now properly show whether a unit is being carried.
- The hidden status of subs/stealths is now properly shown.
89 Fixed a bug where screenshots still displayed with Fog of War after the game had ended. 2018-01-17
88 Fixed a bug where a screenshot could be used to determine whether an enemy transport was carrying a unit in Fog of War. Thanks to InfernusMachine for the report. 2018-01-17
87 Fixed a bug where attempting to move onto a hidden property in Fog of War could disrupt a unit capturing the property. 2018-01-05
86 Fixed a bug where city capture values were improperly reset to 20 after HQ capture. Thanks to blipsANDchitz for the report. 2018-01-04
85 Updated options section of map search results to be more user-friendly. 2018-01-04
84 Updated Create Game page with a link to the Search Maps page, instead of an embedded list of every design map. This should help loading times and make selecting a map more intuitive. 2018-01-04
83 A new page for the Most Recent Design Maps has been added. It is linked on the Search Maps page, and shows all maps created in the last 30 days. Previously only the last 10 maps were viewable. 2018-01-02
82 The Search Maps page has been completely overhauled. Changes include an improved layout, improved category selection logic, ability to search maps based on size, and ability to sort results on varying criteria. 2018-01-02
81 Updated the Contact page to include a list of all admin and Map Committee members. 2017-12-30
80 In the design map display boxes, country logos have now been split into two rows if there are >7 countries. 2017-12-24
79 Several missing weather sprites have been added, including rain and snow versions of all labs. Thanks to andy_kuma for providing the images! 2017-12-21
78 Fixed a bug with Von Bolt's targetting caused by entry #71. 2017-12-19
77 Santa Olaf has taken over AWBW maps. Happy holidays everyone! 2017-12-19
76 Fixed an exploit that made it possible to discover and attack hidden stealths with the same unit. Thanks to benbever for the report. 2017-12-18
75 Added tournament end dates to the table for Completed Tournaments, and re-organized the list by end date. Trophies also display correctly now too. 2017-12-17
74 When changing your CO, CO images are now grayed out for banned COs. Thanks to Andy_Kuma for the suggestion. 2017-12-17
73 Units that are darkened after moving/firing/capturing will now appear darkened to all players, not just the player whose turn it is. Thanks to Linx for the suggestion. 2017-12-17
72 The capture icon will now display on units that are in the process of capturing. This is meant to help players not forget to finish in-process captures. Thanks to Zero for the suggestion. 2017-12-17
71 Von Bolt's SCOP no longer subtracts the value of friendly units when finding a target. Thanks to ichbinsehselber for the report. 2017-12-15
70 Sensei's stealths have been boosted to have 100% ATK, consistent with his other non-copter air units. 2017-12-12
69 Sami's stealths have properly been reduced to 90% ATK instead of 100%. 2017-12-11
68 Fixed a bug where Drake's +25% DEF bonus was not properly applied for black boats or carriers. Thanks to Andy_Kuma and Linx for the report. 2017-12-11
67 Targeting for Rachel, Sturm, and Von Bolt S/COP missiles has been updated to exclude units loaded into transports when finding a target. 2017-12-07
66 Added Rating Stats to the Global League profile pages. 2017-12-07
65 All CO sprites have been updated to match the carts. Clear your image cache to view them. Thanks to Andy_Kuma for providing the images. 2017-12-06
64 Fixed a bug where unit value was hidden for Sonja teammates. Thanks to Phelerox for the report. 2017-12-06
63 Low ammo animation has been changed to appear when a unit has less than half of its total ammo remaining. It previously only appeared when units had <= 1 ammo (or not at all in some cases). Thanks to Schreck and ChrisRedfield for the reports. 2017-12-05
62 Fixed a bug caused during entry #59, where hidden stealths were visible to logged out players. Thanks to zhaotiantong for the report. 2017-12-05
61 Added an actual Contact page, which is now linked on the lefthand menu. 2017-12-04
60 Fixed a bug where players could move a unit onto the same square as a teammate's hidden stealth or sub. 2017-12-03
59 Fixed two bugs involving team games:
- Players can now see teammates' hidden stealths and subs.
- Players can now see hidden enemy stealths and subs that are on teammates' properties.
58 Fixed a bug where games did not end properly by rout if ghost units were on the map. Thanks to Zero and ichbinsehselber for the reports. 2017-12-02
57 Added another symmetry option to the design map editor for "4 Quadrant Flip". This is equivalent to vertical + horizontal symmetry. Thanks to headphone again for the code. 2017-11-29
56 Player's rating change (delta) in their last 5 games has been added to the League Standings page. 2017-11-29
55 A link to each player's Global League profile has been added to the user profile page. 2017-11-28
54 Results of last 5 games (plus associated rating change) have been added to Global League profile pages. 2017-11-28
53 Ratings have been added next to player usernames for completed Official games. Note that it displays rating at the time the game ended. 2017-11-28
52 Fixed a bug where the invite function sent an invalid link to players. Thanks to Xmo5 and calima for the reports. 2017-11-26
51 The boot script has been updated. A player's 2nd consecutive AET in the same game will now result in a boot. 2017-11-25
50 Added unit fuel and fuel usage per turn to the Units chart. 2017-11-24
49 Fixed a bug causing tiles on the design map editor to not update with the correct vertical offset. 2017-11-24
48 Your Turn Games page now also lists "Days Until Boot/AET" instead of "Boot/AET Interval" 2017-11-21
47 Your Turn games are now properly sorted by days until boot/AET. 2017-11-21
46 Design map editor updated to place road, river, shoal, and pipe tiles in the correct orientation for the selected symmetry. 2017-11-21
45 Updated "Invite Players" feature. It now sends a PM to the user rather than an email, including a join link. It also displays the join link on the invite page so the creator can share it easily. 2017-11-17
44 Automated map symmetry options have been added to the design map editor. 100% of the credit goes to Headphone for supplying the code. 2017-11-16
43 Updated in-game statistics display to properly hide Sonja's total unit value for games outside of FoW. 2017-11-15
42 Added this changelog. 2017-11-15
41 Targeting for Rachel's SCOP has been improved. Friendly units are taken into account on the cost and HP missiles. Mechs are included in the inf missile, and captures are only assigned extra weight if the capture is not completed. 2017-11-14
40 Unit count and unit value stats have been added to the Players table on the game page, along with a button to toggle them on/off. 2017-11-14
39 Capture limit also now excludes towers and labs from counting towards the limit. 2017-11-13
38 Replay function now properly excludes towers and labs from funds in the Players table. 2017-11-13
37 CO image on the game page now has mouseover text with a short CO description. 2017-11-13
36 Updated damage calculator to include black bombs. 2017-11-11
35 Your Turn page now shows all games waiting to be readied, instead of only unreadied League games. 2017-11-11
34 Tournament back-end infrastructure heavily updated to allow for automatic creation and start of games. 2017-11-01
33 More updates to Tournaments page, including a display for settings for each round. 2017-11-01
32 Country and CO logos are now faded when a player is eliminated from a game. 2017-10-29
31 Updated the interface for on-site tournaments. Includes user registration and notification when a new tourney is available. 2017-10-25
30 Added a [Ready] button for Z-Games. The game will start when both players hit Ready (or after 24 hours). 2017-10-22
29 Add a check for player activity before starting a League game. 2017-10-21
28 The site's front page has been completely redesigned, with several features added. 2017-10-21
27 Your Turn game count is now displayed in the main menu if there are >0 games that are your turn. 2017-10-13
26 An Automated Z-Games function has been added. For details: http://www.takeyourturn.net/t948-automated-z-games. 2017-10-12
25 Added a warning to the User Info page when the message box is full. 2017-10-08
24 Updated the icon for New Messages and added an icon notifying users when their message box is full. 2017-10-08
23 Menu options have been rearranged and simplified. Added a Contact button and renamed several others. 2017-10-08
22 User Info, Log In, and Register buttons on the menu were moved to the site header. 2017-10-08
21 New users are now restricted to 5 games max in Global League until completing 5 games. Having 5+ boots also results in a game restriction. 2017-10-01
20 Upload and export map functions updated to support black tiles. 2017-10-01
19 Updated Upload Map function to use numbered IDs for terrain rather than individual characters. 2017-10-01
18 Added an option to Export Maps as text arrays. 2017-10-01
17 Fixed an issue with formatting when previewing a map, causing the map image to overlap the links below it. 2017-10-01
16 New profile pages for the Global League have been added. 2017-09-29
15 Added an option for 9+ players to the Search Maps page. 2017-09-25
14 Fixed a bug where CO powers weren't initialized properly on day 1. 2017-09-10
13 Fixed a bug where exploding black bombs as your last unit did not result in defeat. 2017-09-10
12 When viewing a game page, the Damage Calculator link will now load info from the current game. 2017-09-10
11 Updated the Global League page to include links for a League FAQ, current maps, and a list of current games. 2017-09-10
10 New options were added to the Current Games page. Games can now be filtered by map, user, League, and Official. 2017-09-10
9 Added an option to switch the attacker and defender on the damage calculator page. 2017-09-09
8 Updated the Community section of the menu to include the TakeYourTurn forum. 2017-09-04
7 Fixed a bug where the weather gets stuck in snow or rain when playing with random weather. 2017-09-03
6 Fixed AW2 and animated terrain sets to be functional for previewing maps, as well as on the game page. 2017-08-31
5 Updated the "Chat" link on the Menu to direct to the Discord chat, rather than the old efnet room. 2017-08-31
4 Fixed a bug where Purple Lightning's properties were visible in Fog of War while viewing a screenshot. 2017-08-29
3 Cleaned up the Global League games and restarted the game-making script. 2017-08-22
2 Reactivated AET timer. 2017-08-18
1 Reactivated boot timer. 2017-08-16

Advance Wars is (c) 1990-2001 Nintendo and (c) 2001 Intelligent Systems. All images are copyright their respective owners.