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Current Tournaments
AWBW Open Cup - 11/2017 [D] Coordinator: walkerboh01 Start Date: 2017-10-29
Open Cup - 12/2017 Coordinator: walkerboh01 Start Date: 2017-11-27
Open Cup - 01/2018 Coordinator: walkerboh01 Start Date: 2017-12-26

Completed Tournaments
AWBW Open Cup - 11/2017 [E]Winner: EVAVE End Date: 01/11/2018
AWBW Open Cup - 11/2017 [A]Winner: walkerboh01 End Date: 01/03/2018
AWBW Open Cup - 11/2017 [B]Winner: Voice of Akasha End Date: 12/30/2017
AWBW Open Cup - 11/2017 [C]Winner: ichbinsehselber End Date: 12/17/2017
AWBW Speed Dating 2017Winner: joeli50 End Date: 12/17/2017
AWBW Speed Dating FinalWinner: insignia21 End Date: 09/12/2015
AWBW Speed Dating (B)Winner: insignia21 End Date: 08/14/2015
AWBW Speed Dating (C)Winner: Everdan End Date: 08/03/2015
AWBW Speed Dating (A)Winner: beijv End Date: 07/23/2015
The AWBW World ChampionWinner: RockmanX_Zero End Date: 12/06/2008
Knights Under A Solf MoonlightWinner: Bil_Diewalk End Date: 08/23/2008
AWBW PromWinner: Gunmetal Alice & Kamuscha End Date: 03/01/2008
World Tournament Euro Div.Winner: CO Kireato End Date: 10/01/2007
CAS Regionals ChampionshipWinner: Kamuscha End Date: 08/31/2007
World Tournament Asia Div.Winner: RockmanX_Zero End Date: 08/08/2007
American Regionals ChampionshipWinner: Melon End Date: 07/27/2007
AWBW Soaring Above Tournament 2Winner: Woelzy End Date: 09/05/2006
AWBW Soaring Above TournamentWinner: benbever End Date: 08/02/2006
AWBW Tournament IWinner: LiteYear End Date: 08/04/2005

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