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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
399 (Tentatively) fixed a bug where a player could be unintentionally booted if a turn started at the same time as the boot script ran. Thanks to MasterOfMath for the report. 2021-09-07
398 Updated the Z-Games algorithm to produce fewer Fog matches. Current values are 50% Fog, 25% Standard, 20% High Funds, 5% Tags. 2021-09-03
397 Updated the discord and reddit icons on the home page with more fitting images. Thanks to Jay Embee for the images! 2021-09-01
396 Updated the wording for the Resign Game prompt to clarify which password should be entered. Thanks to Lexyvil for the suggestion. 2021-08-31
395 Fixed a bug where games with quote marks in the name couldn't be manually deleted. Thanks to rhettorical for the report. 2021-08-30
394 Fixed a bug where the Global League profile pages always displayed the AW2 image for most-used CO regardless of player theme selection. Thanks to CWOTC for the report. 2021-08-30
393 Fixed a broken link for usernames with spaces when on the page for Viewing Messages. Thanks to Utsuhoagie for the report. 2021-08-30
392 Updated the client output to remove extra information about distance traveled by units moving out of sight during fog matches. Thanks to Ad for the report. 2021-08-29
391 Updated the game name format for Global League games to include the CO tier (also truncated "League" to "GL"). Thanks to Saltmeister for the suggestion. 2021-08-29
390 The CO text displayed when hovering over a CO portrait on the game page has been changed if the game has CO powers OFF. Thanks to TheGamerASD for the suggestion. 2021-08-29
389 Added a new profile theme option to User Settings. This allows users to select an AWBW country, which adds the color to the Settings and Profile pages. 2021-08-28
388 Fixed an issue where players were not properly getting kicked from Global League games when the max turn timer was exceeded. Thanks to fddcsjxk for the report. 2021-08-27
387 Fixed another bug where the move planner incorrectly displayed Kindle COP damaging units on missile silos and empty missile silos for predeployed maps. Thanks to Kan'tbei for the report. 2021-08-27
386 Fixed a bug where the move planner incorrectly displayed Kindle COP damaging units on missile silos and empty missile silos. Thanks to Hamplmann for the report. 2021-08-23
385 Fixed a bug where missile targets did not take unit countries into account properly when loaded into the move planner using a replay ID. Thanks to fddcsjxk for the report. 2021-08-23
384 Removed the Create Game option from map lists if the user is not logged in. Thanks to WequitoJR for the report. 2021-08-21
383 Fixed a bug where deleting a unit did not properly remove vision of adjacent hidden units afterwards. Thanks to png_savvy for the report. 2021-08-21
382 Added specific titles for each page (shown on the browser tab name). Thanks to the FANG for the original suggestion. 2021-08-18
381 Added a check to the Create Game page to prevent users from creating games with all units banned or set as lab units. 2021-08-18
380 Updated broken links to the old forum in previous changelog entries. Thanks to Tmi489 for the report. 2021-08-18
379 Fixed a bug where Rachel's SCOP would not fire the HP missile if the INF missile had no viable targets. Thanks to Hamplmann for the report. 2021-08-18
378 Fixed a bug when displaying indirect firing range while using the old interface. Thanks to Sami8s for the report. 2021-08-17
377 Fixed a bug where some shoals were not placed correctly when using vertical symmetry. Thanks to Lost and Found for the report. 2021-08-17
376 AWBW now has its own official subreddit, r/AWBW! Thanks to Red Halo for setting it up! 2021-08-16
375 Fixed an error when displaying last 5 Global League results for users with fewer than 5 completed games. Thanks to Le lieu tenant for the report. 2021-08-16
374 Fixed a bug where hitting a unit with a missile from a silo set the unit's HP to minimum 1.0HP instead of 0.1HP. Thanks to Hamplmann for the report. 2021-08-16
373 Fixed a bug where replay files could not be uploaded after being saved. If you run into this issue, please try uploading only the replay file (file in the zip without an 'a'). Thanks to Kantbei for the report. 2021-08-15
372 Fixed a bug where players were not booted correctly if the Pause Timer function had been used (repeat of changelog #342). Thanks to Dryearlylth for the report. 2021-08-15
371 Fixed an issue with formatting on very long press messages. Thanks to MystWalker for the report. 2021-08-13
370 Updated completed games on the profile page to sort by game completion date. Thanks to zephy for the suggestion. 2021-08-13
369 Fixed a bug with setting 0.5 hour increments for time zones in user settings. Thanks to Troll Master for the report. 2021-08-13
368 Actions are now included when downloading a replay to allow viewing the action by action replay when re-uploading it. 2021-08-10
367 A chart for CO tier lists for each AWBW game mode has been added to the Info > Chart list. 2021-08-08
366 Fixed a bug where the replay button was visible for completed games with no replay available. Thanks to shecky for the report. 2021-08-07
365 Fixed a bug where exploding a black bomb set a unit's health to minimum 1.0HP instead of 0.1HP. Thanks to zhichenw for the report. 2021-08-07
364 Added Favorites as an option on the user menu. Thanks to Utsuhoagie for the suggestion. 2021-08-07
363 Added new icons for user settings and block user on the profile page. Thanks to Jay Embee for the sprites! 2021-08-07
362 Fixed a bug where the "Remove Icon" button on the move planner was not located properly on the menu. Thanks to MorganLeah for the report. 2021-08-07
361 Fixed a bug where the league home page would not always generate a featured High Funds game. Thanks to MasterOfMath for the report. 2021-08-07
360 Added pages to the changelog. 2021-08-07
359 Updated profile page CO and country distribution sections. Favorite CO/country are removed, and instead the lists are sorted in order of usage. 2021-08-07
358 Added a Show/Hide feature for blocked messages on in-game press. 2021-08-07
357 Added a section to the Friends page for managing blocked users. Also added page controls and a search function to the Friends page. 2021-08-07
356 Added functionality to block users. You can now block a user by clicking the "Block" button on that user's profile page. Blocked users cannot send you messages or join public games you create. They are hidden from your friend's list, and friend requests from them are hidden. 2021-08-07
355 Fixed a bug where tall properties on the top row of a map could block the game menu (including S/COP buttons) at high zoom levels. Thanks to shoe for the report. 2021-08-05
354 Completed games on Your Games page are now sorted in order of completion date. 2021-08-03
353 Added a "Copy" button for the join link when inviting players to a game. Thanks to phan for the suggestion. 2021-08-03
352 The '#' sign is no longer permitted in usernames. It has also been removed from any username that currently includes it. Thanks to ringo for the report. 2021-08-03
351 Fixed a bug where a discord notification was mistakenly sent to the person joining a game, not the creator. Thanks to liandry for the report. 2021-07-27
350 Updated the discord ID field in user settings to only accept numeric entries. All users with non-numeric entries have had their discord ID field cleared. If you are confused how to find your discord ID, please ask in the discord chat. 2021-07-26
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