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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
363 Added new icons for user settings and block user on the profile page. Thanks to Jay Embee for the sprites! 2021-08-07
362 Fixed a bug where the "Remove Icon" button on the move planner was not located properly on the menu. Thanks to MorganLeah for the report. 2021-08-07
361 Fixed a bug where the league home page would not always generate a featured High Funds game. Thanks to MasterOfMath for the report. 2021-08-07
360 Added pages to the changelog. 2021-08-07
359 Updated profile page CO and country distribution sections. Favorite CO/country are removed, and instead the lists are sorted in order of usage. 2021-08-07
358 Added a Show/Hide feature for blocked messages on in-game press. 2021-08-07
357 Added a section to the Friends page for managing blocked users. Also added page controls and a search function to the Friends page. 2021-08-07
356 Added functionality to block users. You can now block a user by clicking the "Block" button on that user's profile page. Blocked users cannot send you messages or join public games you create. They are hidden from your friend's list, and friend requests from them are hidden. 2021-08-07
355 Fixed a bug where tall properties on the top row of a map could block the game menu (including S/COP buttons) at high zoom levels. Thanks to shoe for the report. 2021-08-05
354 Completed games on Your Games page are now sorted in order of completion date. 2021-08-03
353 Added a "Copy" button for the join link when inviting players to a game. Thanks to phan for the suggestion. 2021-08-03
352 The '#' sign is no longer permitted in usernames. It has also been removed from any username that currently includes it. Thanks to ringo for the report. 2021-08-03
351 Fixed a bug where a discord notification was mistakenly sent to the person joining a game, not the creator. Thanks to liandry for the report. 2021-07-27
350 Updated the discord ID field in user settings to only accept numeric entries. All users with non-numeric entries have had their discord ID field cleared. If you are confused how to find your discord ID, please ask in the discord chat. 2021-07-26
349 Reduced the # of maps per page on Recent Maps from 25 to 15 to help with page load times. 2021-07-26
348 League standings list has been truncated to show top 100 (or 5 above and below viewer, if viewer is outside top 100). 2021-07-25
347 Updated the random weather odds to match AW2 mechanics, per information from Xenesis. New odds for snow are 6% - # of players in game (capped at 4P, 2% - 4%). New odds for rain are 6% - # of players in game + 7% per Drake in the game (capped at 4x, 2% - 30%). 2021-07-25
346 The page listing out all waiting private games has been removed. In order to join a private game, please use the link sent by the game creator (for the game creator, use the "Invite Players" button on Your Games page). 2021-07-23
345 The CO chart has been updated to add the damage value for missiles for Rachel and Von Bolt. Thanks to multiple users for the report. 2021-07-22
344 Fixed a bug where Eagle SCOP would not refresh two units that have been joined. Thanks to Dustlord and Fenrir for the reports. 2021-07-22
343 Fixed a bug where a unit could perform a capture operation after attacking a unit. Thanks to NotOhHenry for the report. 2021-07-22
342 Fixed a bug where players were not booted correctly if the Pause Timer function had been used. Thanks to GreenJuice for the report. 2021-07-21
341 Fixed a bug where a unit could still perform a capture after a join action. Thanks to Belicose9 for the report. 2021-07-21
340 Animations have been added to buildings for the animated theme. Thanks to MorganLeah for providing the sprites. 2021-07-21
339 Action-by-action replays have been temporarily disabled for recently completed games. They are still available for ongoing games, and the turn-by-turn replay is still available for all games finished within the last 7 days. This is only temporarily and will be restored to normal functionality soon. 2021-07-18
338 Fixed a bug where the unit build menu would go under the site's header. Thanks to Nemid and a few others for the report. 2021-07-18
337 Games on the site are now only saved for up to 7 days after the game has ended (previously was 21). Please take care to save any replays of games you would like to view later within that 7 day window. 2021-07-18
336 It is no longer allowed to create games on maps that are greater than 50 tiles in height or width. 2021-07-17
335 Removed the ability to create map names with leading spaces or unicode characters. 2021-07-15
334 Fixed several bugs and exploits for uploading design maps that caused maps to break. Also added a better indicator of which tiles were invalid in case an error is detected. Thanks to rotpilz for the report and help. 2021-07-03
333 Fixed a bug where game preferences could not be deleted if the map cannot be found. Thanks to eeliigaa for the report. 2021-07-03
332 Fixed a bug on the design map editor where a White Nova airport would sometimes be placed instead of a White Nova port. Thanks to Sniperian and rotpilz for the reports. 2021-07-03
331 Updated league profile and standings page for loading speeds. Some statistics on the league profile page have been temporarily removed. 2021-07-02
330 Fixed a bug where building HP did not reset if a player resigned while capturing. Thanks to BritishBagels for the report. 2021-06-29
329 Fixed a bug where maps could be created with fractional numbers for height and width. Thanks to rotpilz for the report. 2021-06-29
328 Updated game links on the in-game press page to point to the new refreshless interface. Thanks to Eagle852 for the report. 2021-06-29
327 Fixed a bug where teams could not be set for waiting games. Thanks to Mary Guertana for the report. 2021-06-29
326 Fixed a bug where games could be created and started on maps without the correct number of players. Thanks to rotpilz for the report. 2021-06-29
325 On the Search Maps page, the options to sort by Ratings, Comments, and Favorites have been removed. In return, the page loading times have been greatly reduced. 2021-06-28
324 Added the calculator to the move planner when it's loaded from a map. Thanks to SA3DX for the report. 2021-06-28
323 The refreshless interface is now live on the main website! 2021-06-19
322 Fixed an error showing up on the Global League page. Thanks to dpsi for the report. 2021-06-14
321 Fixed a bug where a game would be deleted before it's over. Thanks to Mary Guertana for the report. 2021-06-14
320 Fixed teams not updating properly in Your Games. Thanks to Kikasuru for the report. 2021-06-14
319 Fixed a bug where an ongoing game would restart. Thanks schil227 for the report. 2021-06-10
318 Building's HP now resets when the capturing unit dies on it. Thanks to ActivistVictor for the report. 2021-06-07
317 Fixed submitting invalid inputs for units and buildings in the map editor. 2021-06-07
316 Added password reset via email feature. 2021-05-24
315 AWBW’s refreshless interface is now open to everyone for testing! Click on “Refreshless BETA” in the header, then access your game the same way you would normally do so on the main website. This is a real-time interface. You will receive updates in real time from other players as long as they are using the interface as well. Using this interface, you may only be connected to one game at a time; connecting to multiple will result in a disconnection from the previous ones. Please report bugs with as much detail as possible via private message to Stelleria, or on the discord. Enjoy! 2020-11-30
314 Fixed the page selector on Recent Maps. Thanks to Dredge for the report. 2020-08-31
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