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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
497 Updates made to Live Queue:
- Paused games will not be shown on the Active Games list.
- It is now possible to queue for a game while still playing another.
- When selecting a country, unavailable options will be grayed out instead of hidden.
496 The old game interface will be disabled starting on October 21st. If you are still using the old interface, please try the main one at /2030.php instead. If you have any concerns, please message walkerboh01. 2023-09-23
495 Fixed a bug where some COs did not visually have CO power updates made on hidden units (for example, Eagle stealths did not unwait on SCOP, Max stealths did not receive movement boosts, Jess stealths did not refuel, etc.). 2023-09-11
494 Long usernames are now truncated in the player info box on the game page. Thanks to KingRex for the suggestion. 2023-09-10
493 Added options for 1.5 day and 2.5 day increments when creating a game. 2023-09-10
492 Fixed a bug where pressing 'Start Game' would always start the last game on the Waiting Games list. 2023-09-10
491 Long usernames and map names are now truncated on the live queue 'Match Found' and 'Featured Game' displays. 2023-09-10
490 Fixed a bug where information about unseen captures could be leaked in certain situations in fog games. Thanks to steve for the report. 2023-09-10
489 An audio notification has been added to Live Queue. If the option is enabled while in queue, a sound will play when a match is found. 2023-09-09
488 The minimum increment has been changed to 1 minute. Games with an increment of 0 are no longer possible. 2023-09-09
487 Boots and AETs will now take place instantly upon the clock running out, instead of waiting for the next minute. Thanks to Truniht for providing initial code for the update. 2023-09-09
486 Bonus time will now be added to prevent losing time on game clocks during daily server maintenance. Note that this only affects live games that are active during maintenance, or any game that would have a boot or AET processed during the downtime. 2023-09-03
485 Fixed an 'Out of memory' error on certain actions when viewing replays. Thanks to Warplayer for the report. 2023-09-03
484 Blocking a user now prevents games created by that user from appearing on game lists. 2023-08-31
483 Fixed a bug with live queue where alerts would not appear on other pages on-site while queueing. Now when a match is found, the popup will correctly appear regardless of which on-site page you are on. 2023-08-30
482 Implemented a formal site shutdown effective every day from 3:04AM EST until 3:10AM EST, when server maintenance occurs. Thanks to Red Halo and KingRex for providing the server maintenance image. 2023-08-21
481 Several updates have been made to the Live Queue. Most notably, pairing has been updated to include a check for a player's overall rating; the allowed range increases the longer you are in queue, to a max of ~5 minutes. Several other minor UI changes and bug fixes have also been made. 2023-08-18
480 The waiting game page will now redirect to the game page if the game has already started. 2023-08-15
479 A Live Queue has been added to AWBW! Features include automated matchmaking for live games with a 5 min + 2 min timer, with standard, fog, and high funds modes all available. 2023-08-13
478 Fixed a bug where captured HQs would still give 4* defense even after turning into a city. 2023-07-13
477 Fixed several bugs with inconsistent colors being displayed for Follow Game buttons, both on the game page as well as on game lists. 2023-06-30
476 Fixed a bug where neotanks could "crash" after running out of fuel. Neotanks also now correctly use 0 fuel per turn instead of 1. 2023-06-26
475 Fixed a bug where a player could unintentionally be booted or AET'd while ending their turn. 2023-06-16
474 Refactored the Global League matchmaking algorithm to fix a bug that caused matchmaking to crash. Thanks to Rightens for the report. 2023-06-10
473 Fixed a bug where the movement of a unit that was trapped would not show in the replay. 2023-06-04
472 Updated Global League to remove the requirement of exactly three active tiers per map. 2023-05-29
471 Fixed several bugs where the game and player information did not update properly without refreshing after an AET in a live game. 2023-05-29
470 Running out of time on the player clock now results in an AET (end turn) instead of boot for live games (increment < 60 minutes). Note that this only applies if the player has moved at least one unit during their turn. 2023-05-29
469 Prevent the damage preview display from covering units and flickering. 2023-05-19
468 A new map category has been added, RBC Playable. This category can be searched to find maps that meet size and terrain requirements for online play in Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp. 2023-04-28
467 Fixed a bug involving carrier resupply of air units. Carriers no longer resupply air units immediately upon load, but only on beginning of turn. Similarly, it is no longer possible for an air unit to crash if it is out of fuel while inside a carrier. Thanks to Luna Leka for the reports! 2023-04-24
466 Fixed a bug where units were repaired at the start of a turn while inside a transport, if the transport was on a building. 2023-04-24
465 Fixed a bug where the display for player funds and unit value would not update in real time after a black boat repair, if the repair decreased the player's funds to 0. 2023-04-23
464 The FAQ has been updated. Most notably, the game interface section has been modified to reflect the "refreshless" interface. Thanks to Star Bright for the suggested updates! 2023-04-23
463 Fixed a bug where Max tranports and indirects would sometimes mistakenly be shown as having increased movement on S/COP. 2023-04-23
462 Fixed a bug where black boats did not repair damage if the target unit had between 9.1 and 9.9HP. The behavior now matches the mechanic from the original games, where the 'chip' damage will be repaired if the unit is not at full ammo or full fuel. Thanks to Rimer and MasterOfMath for the reports. 2023-04-23
461 Fixed a bug where the CO power bar images would not always load properly on the CO chart. 2023-04-22
460 Fixed a bug where a player's funds were viewable in the developer console when viewing replays of ongoing fog of war games. Thanks to Stealer for the report. 2023-04-20
459 Fixed a bug where users were missing from the GL standings for modes they were not queued in, but for which they still had ongoing games. Thanks to Konton and Panic in the City for the reports. 2023-04-16
458 The Global League standings page has been optimized for loading times. The restriction on only viewing the top 100 users has been removed, and the 'Last 5 Delta' field for rating has also been removed. 2023-04-15
457 The Global League home page has been optimized for loading times. The featured game for FOG also now displays a completed game, rather than active, and the ratings and rankings for users shown in featured games have been fixed. 2023-04-15
456 The site homepage has been overhauled! Notable changes include:
- A new intro video made by Advance-Warrior.
- New CO images provided by Red-Halo.
- Streamlined and redesigned interactive banners.
- A new Tutorials button.
455 Grayscale "unhappy" CO portraits have been added instead of darkened images (for banned / defeated CO images). In addition, all CO portrait images have been updated to higher resolution versions. Thanks to Red-Halo for providing the updated images! Note: You may need to clear your browser image cache to see the updated images. 2023-04-15
454 Fixed a bug where an error message "actionQueue.push is not a function" would repeatedly appear while viewing the game page. 2023-04-15
453 Fixed two bugs with the Global League map stats tool. 1) The CO images now space properly with the rows and columns, and 2) the Apply filter button is disabled if no map data has been loaded. Thanks to KingRex and mathblitz for the reports. 2023-04-05
452 Fixed a bug where the CO power cost appeared to continue increasing after the 10th use in a game. The in-game display now reflects that the cost is fixed at 27000 per bar after the 10th usage. 2023-04-05
451 Fixed a bug where tag COs were not properly assigned in some R2 tournament games. Thanks to zielinskigr and Paratuel for the reports. 2023-04-04
450 A new tool has been added to allow for more in-depth analysis of CO stats by map for current Global League maps. It can be found on the Global League home page under Quick Links > CO Stats. 2023-03-28
449 Fixed a bug where duplicate press messages could be sent on page refresh. 2023-03-22
448 A new Tutorials page has been added, accessible from the Info section of the main menu. This page features video tutorials to help new players with using the site - more to be added in the future! 2023-03-20
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