AWBW Custom Army Contest
Contest Information
2024 marks the 20th anniversary of AWBW, and to celebrate we're adding FOUR NEW ARMY FACTIONS!

What will these armies look like? Well that's up to YOU to decide (and the rest of the AWBW community)!

Throughout the year, we will be holding 4 contests where anyone can submit custom army designs. The winner of each contest will be officially added to AWBW for anyone to use and enjoy!

Full Contest Rules and Information

Contest Submission Template

The second contest is now open! For more information, please watch the video below!
How To Enter
A submission must consist of the following items:
  • Name
  • Logo
  • HQ + City Sprites
  • Infantry + Mech Sprites

  • Please use the provided template when submitting your design:

    Submissions must be sent to

    Before entering, please read the CONTEST GUIDELINES, which contains helpful information, limitations, and frequently asked questions!
    Contest Themes
    1) CREATURES (closed as of 2024-02-15)

    2) HISTORICAL / GEOGRAPHICAL (open thru May 5th)

    3) TBD

    4) TBD
    Contest Results
    WINNER [Contest 1 - Creatures]:

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