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AWBW is based on Advance Wars, a turn-based strategy game created by Intelligent Systems and distributed by Nintendo. It combines elements of Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Featuring 16 unique countries and all 28 CO's from AW1, AW2, and AWDS.

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Players: 0/2 joined
Weather: Clear
Funds per Turn: 1000
Starting Funds: 0
Powers: On
Fog: Off
Boot Interval: 4
AET Interval: 6
Banned COs: 10

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1 the-deadly-shadow 1405.05 Win vs. unclegubsy
2 ichbinsehselber 1357.04 Win vs. shoeLv3
3 Slutty Nuts 1307.06 Win vs. Black Mont-Blanc
4 Black Mont-Blanc 1305.98 Win vs. Natasa
5 NoLoHoDo 1281.67 Win vs. ALawnMower
#8 Talan_Lysander (1199.77)
#9 mxdcyw2000 (1195.01)

Day 11 || Started on 01-24-2019 || Last activity on 02-19-2019 || 26 RT days

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Square Tornado
Created by: Clover_Fanboy
Published on 06/16/2009

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