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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
16 New profile pages for the Global League have been added. 2017-09-29
15 Added an option for 9+ players to the Search Maps page. 2017-09-25
14 Fixed a bug where CO powers weren't initialized properly on day 1. 2017-09-10
13 Fixed a bug where exploding black bombs as your last unit did not result in defeat. 2017-09-10
12 When viewing a game page, the Damage Calculator link will now load info from the current game. 2017-09-10
11 Updated the Global League page to include links for a League FAQ, current maps, and a list of current games. 2017-09-10
10 New options were added to the Current Games page. Games can now be filtered by map, user, League, and Official. 2017-09-10
9 Added an option to switch the attacker and defender on the damage calculator page. 2017-09-09
8 Updated the Community section of the menu to include the TakeYourTurn forum. 2017-09-04
7 Fixed a bug where the weather gets stuck in snow or rain when playing with random weather. 2017-09-03
6 Fixed AW2 and animated terrain sets to be functional for previewing maps, as well as on the game page. 2017-08-31
5 Updated the "Chat" link on the Menu to direct to the Discord chat, rather than the old efnet room. 2017-08-31
4 Fixed a bug where Purple Lightning's properties were visible in Fog of War while viewing a screenshot. 2017-08-29
3 Cleaned up the Global League games and restarted the game-making script. 2017-08-22
2 Reactivated AET timer. 2017-08-18
1 Reactivated boot timer. 2017-08-16
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