AWBW Global League Information
What is the Global League?
How do I join?
How are games started?
What happens if my opponent never readies?
What happens if a player gets booted for inactivity?
How many games can I play at once?
How does the league choose my opponents?
What are the available game modes?
How is the map selected for each game?
How are the settings selected for each game?
How is my rating calculated?
Where can I see who is currently playing in the league?
What is the Global League? [Back to Top]
The league is the premier competition on AWBW, and it is open to all players. Its purpose is to provide players with a wide variety of games against players of similar skill, using balanced maps and three different game modes. All games are automatically created, and all results and stats are tracked on your player profile. The league is the best way to improve your skills and find reliably fun games against skilled opponents.
How do I join? [Back to Top]
To join the league, just set your Concurrent Games greater than 0 (under User Settings). Concurrent Games is the maximum number of league games that you want to have at one time. To exit the league, simply set your Concurrent Games to 0.

You can also select any of the three available game modes. You will only receive games for the modes you have selected.

NOTE: Only one account per player is allowed in the Global League at one time. Using alternate accounts to artificially increase rating will result in a ban of all accounts.
How are games started? [Back to Top]
All games will be automatically created for you by the league game script, which runs several times per day. Note that you may need to wait a few hours depending on whether any matching opponents are available.

Once a game is created for you, it will show up on the Your Games page. You can change your CO by clicking the CO portrait, and you can change your country by clicking the [Change Country] button. Note that changing your country does not change your turn order or position on the map, but only the aesthetic appearance of your units.

When you are ready to start, click the [Ready] button. The game will start immediately once both players have clicked [Ready].
What happens if my opponent never readies? [Back to Top]
Games start automatically after 4 days if both players do not click [Ready]. However, if a player has not been active in the 72 hours prior, the game is instead deleted and that player's concurrent games is set to 0. This prevents games from being started for players who are not available.
What happens if a player gets booted for inactivity? [Back to Top]
A boot will result in a loss for the booted player, and a win for their opponent. Concurrent games are automatically set to 0 for the booted player. Note that two consecutive AETs will also result in a boot.

If a player incurs more than 5 boots, their maximum concurrent games is restricted to 5. Completing 5 consecutive games without boot will reset this limit to 25.
How many games can I play at once? [Back to Top]
All new players start with a maximum of 5 concurrent games. After completing 5 games, this limit is increased to 25.

Note that there is not a way to individually control the number of games you receive per game mode if multiple are selected. If you would like a higher number of games for one type, it is recommended to turn off games of other types until you have reached the desired number of games for that mode.
How does the league choose my opponents? [Back to Top]
The league evaluates and matches all players primarily based upon their player rating. This is intended to be a measure of each player's skill. Players are paired with available opponents who are as similar in rating as possible. Note that players will never be matched with an opponent who is more than 200 pts away from them.

The matchmaker also secondarily takes into account the number of games a player is currently playing. Players with fewer running games have higher priority, and players with 0 games are almost guaranteed to receive a match if an opponent is available.
What are the available game modes? [Back to Top]
There are currently three available game modes to choose from:

1) Standard: Games played with fog of war turned off and normal funding (1000 per property). These games are the classic way that AWBW is typically played.

2) Fog of War: Games played with fog of war turned ON. These games are marked by more uncertainty and opportunities for surprise tactics.

3) High Funds: Games played with funding set to 2000+ per property. These games feature increased usage of high tech units and more frequent CO power usage.
How is the map selected for each game? [Back to Top]
The map for each league game is selected randomly from the available Global League map category. Note that there are different sets of maps depending on the game mode. The map pools are maintained by the AWBW Map Committee. Only maps that meet the highest standard of balance and game-play are selected for use in the league.

The current list of League maps can be found on the Maps and Settings page.
How are the settings selected for each game? [Back to Top]
All league games are 1v1, and use the following settings:
- OFFICIAL (affects the win/loss record and rating shown in your profile)
- Tags: OFF
- Weather: Clear
- CO Powers: ON
- Boot Limit: 4 days
- AET Limit: 6 days

CO bans for each game are selected randomly from a list maintained for each map by the Map Committee. A list of the current settings for each map is available on the Maps and Settings page.
How is my rating calculated? [Back to Top]
Player ratings are based on an Elo system, where points are gained for wins and lost for losses. The amount of points gained/lost is based on the difference in opponent ratings. Winning a game against a highly rated player will result in more points gained, while losing against a lowly rated player will result in more points lost.

All players start at 800 pts, and ratings cannot go below 700. For all games up to the 30th completed, the base points per game is +25 (i.e., the amount for beating an opponent of the same rating). After the 30th completed game, the base for the player is adjusted to +15. Note that because of this, rating gain/loss may not be the same for both players.

Separate ratings are tracked for each game mode, based only on results for that mode. An overall rating is also kept, which includes games from all league games regardless of game mode. The overall rating updates based on each player's overall rating, not their rating for the specific game mode.
Where can I see who is currently playing in the league? [Back to Top]
A full list of the current league players is available on the Leaderboards page. A separate leaderboard is available for each game mode.

You can also find an all-time list of every player who has participated in the league before.

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