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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
147 Fixed a bug where loading transports was not possible using Set Path. Thanks to Muvio for the report. 2018-07-17
146 Fixed a bug with saving settings and updating teams on the new Create Game page. Thanks to ichbinsehselber and Xmo5 for the reports. 2018-07-17
145 The Create Game page has been completely reworked. Improvements include:
- Pre-made user settings can now be easily loaded, allowing map creators to set preferred or recommended settings. This also allows users to create standard settings that can be used for any map.
- CO's are now grouped by tier according to the game setting, and bans can be automatically set.
144 Updated the options on the Waiting section of the Your Games page. Notable improvements include:
- Added a Change Position button, which allows you to change your starting position on the map.
- The country logo is now clickable, and allows you to change the aesthetic appearance of your army.
- Invite Players is now an option for Z-Games.
- It's no longer possible to delete your games once they've started.
143 Fixed an issue where boot did not reset after ending vacation for games with no AET limit set. Thanks to Jay Embee for the report. 2018-07-07
142 Fixed a sanitization issue when joining games. Thanks to friendlyold for the report. 2018-07-07
141 Updated League profile pages to always show overall rating. Added a game type to the game name for League games. Thanks to ichbinsehselber and FANG for the suggestions. 2018-07-07
140 Fog of War and High Funds settings have been added to the Global League. 2018-07-05
139 CO power cost now increases properly by +1800/star per use instead of by +20% per use. 2018-06-30
138 Fixed an issue with counterattack funds displayed on the Damage Calculator page. Thanks to Sami-YingXiangLi and Rush_FTK for the report. 2018-06-29
137 Fixed a bug where Hachi could build from cities on COP. It is now correctly restricted to SCOP only. Thanks to friendlyold for the report. 2018-06-28
136 Fixed a bug where AET was causing boot after any two times in a game instead of two consecutive times. Thanks to Snack for the report. 2018-06-25
135 Added a selector to Current and Completed Games lists for All, Standard, Fog, and High Funds game types. 2018-06-24
134 Fixed an issue where saving preferences did not save Lab or Banned Units properly. 2018-06-16
133 Fixed a bug where player CO image was not displayed properly when joining games with CO Powers off. Thanks to SA3DX for the report. 2018-06-14
132 Player's official ratings can no longer drop below 700. For players currently at <700, your rating will be automatically corrected up after the next win or loss (but not draw). 2018-06-11
131 Added a new page for Global League settings, showing the CO ban lists for each map. This is now linked on the Global League page as well. 2018-06-11
130 Fixed a bug where player stats did not become visible for completed fog of war games. 2018-06-10
129 Default calculator to shoals instead of roads if no terrain is picked, eliminating CO influence from values. Thanks to the-deadly-shadow for the suggestion. 2018-06-09
128 Acid Rain and White Nova, the 15th and 16th countries, have been added to AWBW.
Credit to Jay Embee for much of the design and sprite work.
127 Boot and AET script have been updated to run HOURLY instead of daily. The game header has been updated to reflect the actual script run time. After ending vacation, AET is set to a minimum of 2 days. 2018-06-08
126 Fixed a bug with the vacation function. Vacation can now not be set until 3 weeks after it was last initiated. 2018-06-08
125 Movement costs for forests in snow have been fixed. Cost for tread units is now 2 (was 3), cost for wheeled units is now 3 (was 4). 2018-06-04
124 Tags can no longer be turned on for games where CO powers are turned off. 2018-06-04
123 Game.php has been completely overhauled. Click here for details. 2018-06-03
122 Maps with <2 players can no longer be published, uploaded, or played on. 2018-05-27
121 The Users link in the menu now displays the online players, in addition to being able to search usernames. Thanks to the-deadly-shadow for the suggestion. 2018-05-14
120 Users will now be banned from tournaments on their 3rd offense for being booted from tournament games, instead of their first. 2018-04-29
119 A patch has been made to help improve site stability and prevent server outages. 2018-04-24
118 Teal Galaxy now has a space marine theme. The logo, HQ, and infantry design have been overhauled.
Big thanks to Jay Embee for the design and sprites!
117 Fixed a bug where game end was not properly recognized when screenshotting replays. Also fixed a bug where replay screenshot was unavailable in some cases. 2018-03-31
116 Removed obsolete link from Your Maps page, and increased Number of Players option from 8 to 14. 2018-03-25
115 Updated animated sprites for several Cobalt Ice units. Thanks once again to Nuke for the images! 2018-03-24
114 Fixed an error preventing users from deleting games in certain circumstances. Thanks to piemafia for the report. 2018-03-17
113 Fixed the Change Teams function on the Your Games page. Team games are now available again. 2018-03-14
112 Email notifications have been turned back on. 2018-03-11
111 Temporarily turned off email notifications to help with recent 504 errors. 2018-03-07
110 Updated the damage calculator to display min and max luck damage, instead of no luck and a random value. Thanks to Snack for the suggestion. 2018-03-04
109 Updated animated sprites for Grey Sky's infantry and mech and fixed minor visual issues on several other GS units. Thanks again to Nuke for the images! 2018-03-02
108 Added animated sprites for Pink Cosmos' infantry and mech, and fixed minor visual issues on several other PC units. Thanks again to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-25
107 Updated the animated sprites for Amber Blaze's infantry and mech. Thanks to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-24
106 Updated the animated sprites for Brown Desert's infantry, mech, and black boat. Thanks to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-21
105 Updated the animated sprites for Jade Sun infantry and mech. Thanks again to Nuke for the images! 2018-02-20
104 Added a link to Wars Wiki to the main menu. 2018-02-18
103 Updated the animated sprites for Red Fire infantry and mech. Thanks to Nuke for the images! You may need to clear your cache to properly view all new images. 2018-02-18
102 Added a full set of animated Teal Galaxy unit sprites. Big thanks to Nuke for providing the sprites! 2018-02-09
101 Email turn notifications will now use an '' email address. 2018-02-07
100 All unit sprites for Teal Galaxy have been flipped to face left. This helps to visually distinguish Teal Galaxy from Green Earth. You may need to clear your cache to properly view all new images.
Thanks to Nuke for providing the sprites!
99 A new option has been added to User Info, "Shoals Display". This option allows you to toggle between the standard shoal sprites, and a completely new and improved set. The goal of the new shoals is to eliminate many aesthetics issues caused with the current shoals. Any feedback is appreciated!
Big thanks to Morgan Leah for providing the overhauled shoal images.
98 Added a Weather selector to the map preview pages. You can now view the map as Clear, Rain, or Snow. 2018-02-03
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