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AWBW Changelog
Revision Description Date
71 Von Bolt's SCOP no longer subtracts the value of friendly units when finding a target. Thanks to ichbinsehselber for the report. 2017-12-15
70 Sensei's stealths have been boosted to have 100% ATK, consistent with his other non-copter air units. 2017-12-12
69 Sami's stealths have properly been reduced to 90% ATK instead of 100%. 2017-12-11
68 Fixed a bug where Drake's +25% DEF bonus was not properly applied for black boats or carriers. Thanks to Andy_Kuma and Linx for the report. 2017-12-11
67 Targeting for Rachel, Sturm, and Von Bolt S/COP missiles has been updated to exclude units loaded into transports when finding a target. 2017-12-07
66 Added Rating Stats to the Global League profile pages. 2017-12-07
65 All CO sprites have been updated to match the carts. Clear your image cache to view them. Thanks to Andy_Kuma for providing the images. 2017-12-06
64 Fixed a bug where unit value was hidden for Sonja teammates. Thanks to Phelerox for the report. 2017-12-06
63 Low ammo animation has been changed to appear when a unit has less than half of its total ammo remaining. It previously only appeared when units had <= 1 ammo (or not at all in some cases). Thanks to Schreck and ChrisRedfield for the reports. 2017-12-05
62 Fixed a bug caused during entry #59, where hidden stealths were visible to logged out players. Thanks to zhaotiantong for the report. 2017-12-05
61 Added an actual Contact page, which is now linked on the lefthand menu. 2017-12-04
60 Fixed a bug where players could move a unit onto the same square as a teammate's hidden stealth or sub. 2017-12-03
59 Fixed two bugs involving team games:
- Players can now see teammates' hidden stealths and subs.
- Players can now see hidden enemy stealths and subs that are on teammates' properties.
58 Fixed a bug where games did not end properly by rout if ghost units were on the map. Thanks to Zero and ichbinsehselber for the reports. 2017-12-02
57 Added another symmetry option to the design map editor for "4 Quadrant Flip". This is equivalent to vertical + horizontal symmetry. Thanks to headphone again for the code. 2017-11-29
56 Player's rating change (delta) in their last 5 games has been added to the League Standings page. 2017-11-29
55 A link to each player's Global League profile has been added to the user profile page. 2017-11-28
54 Results of last 5 games (plus associated rating change) have been added to Global League profile pages. 2017-11-28
53 Ratings have been added next to player usernames for completed Official games. Note that it displays rating at the time the game ended. 2017-11-28
52 Fixed a bug where the invite function sent an invalid link to players. Thanks to Xmo5 and calima for the reports. 2017-11-26
51 The boot script has been updated. A player's 2nd consecutive AET in the same game will now result in a boot. 2017-11-25
50 Added unit fuel and fuel usage per turn to the Units chart. 2017-11-24
49 Fixed a bug causing tiles on the design map editor to not update with the correct vertical offset. 2017-11-24
48 Your Turn Games page now also lists "Days Until Boot/AET" instead of "Boot/AET Interval" 2017-11-21
47 Your Turn games are now properly sorted by days until boot/AET. 2017-11-21
46 Design map editor updated to place road, river, shoal, and pipe tiles in the correct orientation for the selected symmetry. 2017-11-21
45 Updated "Invite Players" feature. It now sends a PM to the user rather than an email, including a join link. It also displays the join link on the invite page so the creator can share it easily. 2017-11-17
44 Automated map symmetry options have been added to the design map editor. 100% of the credit goes to Headphone for supplying the code. 2017-11-16
43 Updated in-game statistics display to properly hide Sonja's total unit value for games outside of FoW. 2017-11-15
42 Added this changelog. 2017-11-15
41 Targeting for Rachel's SCOP has been improved. Friendly units are taken into account on the cost and HP missiles. Mechs are included in the inf missile, and captures are only assigned extra weight if the capture is not completed. 2017-11-14
40 Unit count and unit value stats have been added to the Players table on the game page, along with a button to toggle them on/off. 2017-11-14
39 Capture limit also now excludes towers and labs from counting towards the limit. 2017-11-13
38 Replay function now properly excludes towers and labs from funds in the Players table. 2017-11-13
37 CO image on the game page now has mouseover text with a short CO description. 2017-11-13
36 Updated damage calculator to include black bombs. 2017-11-11
35 Your Turn page now shows all games waiting to be readied, instead of only unreadied League games. 2017-11-11
34 Tournament back-end infrastructure heavily updated to allow for automatic creation and start of games. 2017-11-01
33 More updates to Tournaments page, including a display for settings for each round. 2017-11-01
32 Country and CO logos are now faded when a player is eliminated from a game. 2017-10-29
31 Updated the interface for on-site tournaments. Includes user registration and notification when a new tourney is available. 2017-10-25
30 Added a [Ready] button for Z-Games. The game will start when both players hit Ready (or after 24 hours). 2017-10-22
29 Add a check for player activity before starting a League game. 2017-10-21
28 The site's front page has been completely redesigned, with several features added. 2017-10-21
27 Your Turn game count is now displayed in the main menu if there are >0 games that are your turn. 2017-10-13
26 An Automated Z-Games function has been added. For details: 2017-10-12
25 Added a warning to the User Info page when the message box is full. 2017-10-08
24 Updated the icon for New Messages and added an icon notifying users when their message box is full. 2017-10-08
23 Menu options have been rearranged and simplified. Added a Contact button and renamed several others. 2017-10-08
22 User Info, Log In, and Register buttons on the menu were moved to the site header. 2017-10-08
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